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Turbo Chameleon 64 Firmware Beta 9d Turbo Chameleon 64 Firmware Beta 9d

What's new since last beta:

FPGA Core:


 - Fixed DE00 disable bit (bit 2) for RetroReplay emulation.

- Fixed RetroReplay "REU compatibility" logic.

- Fixed PS/2 Pause key decoding. No longer triggers a ctrl key press.

- Fixed Comal-80 emulation (bits 5, 6 and 7 of banking register)

- Fixed Super-games emulation (bit 3 in DF00 to disable banking register)

- Fixed REU so it can write into color RAM correctly (REU emulation)

- Fixed REU buffer swap operation (REU emulation)

- Fixed REU register contents after failed verify operation (REU emulation)

- Added support for extra fire buttons on docking station

- Added support for disk write-protect (drive emulation)

- Improved emulation of the drive stepper motor (drive emulation)

- Various VIA emulation fixes (drive emulation)

Menu System:


 Menu System:

  - BUGFIX: the I/O reset required by various features did clear the CIAs

            serial shift registers in a way that spurious interrupts could

            be generated, which caused some programs to crash when starting

            them from the file browser.


  - BUGFIX: the sidplayer was using incorrect timer values for playing tunes

            with NTSC timing on a PAL C64, or the other way around.

  - BUGFIX: the sidplayer did not correctly mute the second SID when re-entering

            the file browser

  - NEW: short press on right (reset) button will send an IEC reset to the

         emulated drives.

  - NEW: when F7 is used to blank the screen while playing a SID tune, the

         background color will be set to black and the rasterbars removed to

         reduce noise.


  - NEW: Drives can be write protected


  - BUGFIX: the "arrow left" character could not be entered in the monitor

  - NEW: the color ram can be shown/edited using the IO command


  - BUGFIX: the CPUs of the emulated disk drives are stopped by the freezer and

            only released when actually needed by the menu system.

  - BUGFIX: also copy TOD registers of CIA2 in the right order :)


System Windows
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