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Turbo Chameleon 64 Firmware Beta 9i Turbo Chameleon 64 Firmware Beta 9i

These are the changes since the last beta release. For the detailed history
please take a look at the releasenotes in the "Documentation" directory.


  - renamed the binary from "update.exe" to "flasher.exe". the former would
    trigger pointless UAC warnings in win7 and up.
  - detect chameleon v2, and selects the v2 core via filename pattern
  - restart core 0 after abort

  - disable "start bootloader" button when no chameleon is connected

FPGA Core:

- Added support for the 1MB homebrew variant of the "Magic Desk" cartridge
- Added support for the optional EPROM on the COMAL80 cartridge
- Added support for the 256kB "FC3+" FC3 images
- Fixed RAM mapping in "ultimax" mode
- Fixed mapping of the Character ROM in VIC cycles
- Fixed reading of write-only cartridge registers
- Various CIA fixes, allows switching between "new" and "old" CIA now

Menu System:

  - BUGFIX: the easyflash related EAPI function to erase a sector did write to
            I/O instead of cartridge memory, which would result in broken audio
  - BUGFIX: when mounting a d64 or g64 image on the second drive, the wrong
            image would be marked active and diskchange was always triggered on
            the first emulated drive.
  - BUGFIX: set $ba (current drive id) to the device id of the d64 image when
            starting a prg file from inside a mounted d64 image.
  - BUGFIX: in the "file action" (SPACE) menu do not show the "load" option when
            the menu is invoked on .geo or .reu files, and the respective
            expansion is not enabled
  - BUGFIX: show a message when trying to load a georam or reu file and georam
            or reu is not enabled, or the file is too large for the configured

  - moved VIC and CIA settings into "Emulation settings" Menu
  - added CIA type selection


System Windows
Size11.93 MB