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Wrong is Write v7.0 [GEOS] Wrong is Write v7.0 [GEOS]

Wrong is Write v7.0 by Joe Buckley (AKA Red Storm) is a utility for converting files from other word processors to GEOS format of various types and allows you to switch documents from one GeoWrite format to another.  Another feature of Wrong is Write is changing fonts / styles in a document.  Last but no least, you can also convert a document to and from true ASCII or PET ASCII.  According to geoWorld Issue 21 (Page 15) this would allow you to convert a Postscript file to a GeoWrite file and back again.

See issue geoWorld Issue 15 for a small overview of what Wrong is Write can do in the article "GEOS IN THE LAW OFFICE" By Marshall Kragen.


System Commodore 64
Size5.52 KB