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geoBEAP v2.1a geoBEAP v2.1a

geoBEAP v2.1a by Bo Zimmerman is an amazing GEOS utility that  will create (pack) and dissolve (or unpack) the following disk images: .D64 (standard C= emulator 1541 disks), .D71 (standard C= emulator 1571 disks), .D81 (standard C= emulator 1581 disks), ZipCode 4-packs (by DarkStar, the original disk image archiver), EMUTIL single compressed images (supports ANY drive type, and gets better compression than .D64 or ZipCode), EMUTIL multi-file compressed images (same as above, but multiple files), and the original .BEP format (unchanged since 1.5). geoBEAP 2.0 ALSO supports the following FILE archive formats: GEOS Convert (.cvt) files, LYNX (.lnx) archives (includes relative file support, and support for EVERY version of LYNX I know of), and ARK (.ark) archives (including relative file support). The LYNX support also includes geoPack files, making geoBEAP a direct replacement for that aging application.

This version was updated in 2009 to work with Wheels. Full docs included on disk.


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