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zip.png Micro 6502 - Issue 41

Micro 6502 - Issue 41 - October 1981

  • The Radio Shack Color Computer - Features of this versatile 6809-based computer are highlighted
  • Applesoft Mystery Parameter - An undocumented "booby trap" in Applesoft it utilized
  • 6522-Based Pot Position Digitizer - Convert the position of a pot to a number your computer can use
  • 6502 Frequency Counter - Make your computer an inexpensive frequency counter
  • Step Up to Programmable Motion - Interfacing of a stepper motor to a KIM-1 is outlined
  • The 6809 and the S-50 Bus - Who's doingg what in the 6809 world is explained and the S-50 highlighted
  • Handling Analog Signals with a Micro - Two techniques are given to handle analog signals
  • Interfacing Two 12-Bit A/D Converters to an AIM - Give your computer extra precision
  • Solar System Simulation, Part 2 - This geocentric program will print information about six planets
  • A Welcome to PET Users
  • Commodore ROM Genealogy - Find out about your PET through this history of Commodore configurations
  • VIC Light Pen-manship - Expalnation of how a light pen works is presented with demonstration programs
  • Substitute Characters - Create your own character set for your PET
  • Tamig the Wild Reset - Easily make your old Apple reset key into a control-reset key
  • Apple Byte Table - Help for decoding byte values in Apple's memory
  • Apple Bits, Part 2 - This part discusses an Integer BASIC program for constructing patters
04-04-21 English PDF 32.31 MB 119.00 Download
zip.png Micro 6502 - Issue 42

Micro 6502 - Issue 42 - November 1981

  • Precision Programming - Easily write structured programs using BASIC
  • Pascal Tutorial, Part 1 - Firts lesson to help you understand UCSD and Pascal
  • Auto Line Numbers for OSI Disk Basic - Imitate large computers and make programming easier
  • Some Help for KIM, Part 1 - Extend usefullness of KIM memory dump routine
  • Lunar Landar - (for the Color Computer) Try to land on the surface of the moon
  • Galacti-Cube - Apple game that dares you to escape from cubic maze
  • The Game People Buy - Trends in the computer game industry
  • Saucer Launch - You against the flying saucers (Atari)
  • Othello - Popular board game now for the Apple
  • Ultimate Ping Pong for PET - This version of Pong uses character graphics and fast keyboard control
  • OS-9 and the 6809: Revolutionary Tools - Highlights of the OS-9, feature, and concepts are discussed
  • Apple II Digital Storage Oscilloscope - Easily convert your Apple into an oscilloscope
  • Function Generator and Library Manager - Customize your I/O Functions (Apple)
  • ASCII Dump for the Apple - Extend "examine memory" routine in Apple's monitor
  • Apple Bits, Part 3 - Presentation of giant letters, animation conclude series
05-04-21 English PDF 32.07 MB 108.00 Download
zip.png Micro 6502 - Issue 43

Micro 6502 - Issue 43 - December 1981

  • Data Collection with Your Micro - Interface allows high-speed sampling and recording
  • PET "Listener" - Listen to your PET tapes and have a CB2 sound amplifier
  • Watch that Ground Connection - Protect your computer with a properly connected ground
  • Proportional Joystick for Atari - Make your own joysticks for five dollars
  • Some Help for KIM, Part 2 - A look at the Apple Pascal Filer
  • Flags and Boolean Algebra in Microsoft BASICs - Features to give you powerful program structures
  • Recursive Use of GOSUB in Microsoft BASIC - Implementation for OSI, PET, Apple, TRS-80 Color and others
  • Applesoft Variable Lister - Use this lister with any program, anywhere in memory
  • Applesoft Memory Map Display - Create maps without altering memory contents
  • Applesoft Line Finder Routine - Display byts or a particular line, use subroutines available in monitor
  • Applesoft and Matrices - Machine language program performs special matrix operations
06-04-21 English PDF 32.69 MB 138.00 Download
zip.png Micro 6502 - Issue 44

Micro 6502 - Issue 44 - January 1982

  • Atari 800 Player/Missile Graphics - New applications and utility programs
  • Experimenters and the Color Computer - A look at the TRS-80C's capabilities
  • Epson MX80 Interface for SYM-1 - A description of the hardware and software needed for a parallel interface
  • List Scroller - Scroll forward or backward without keyed LIST commands
  • Some Help for KIM, Part 3 - Hardware and software for an improved single-step function
  • Pascal Tutorial, Part 3 - Programming Pascal vs. BASIC
  • RELOC - Easily edit BASIC text files
  • Apple Pascal Textfile Lister - Produce neatly paged output with titles and numbered pages
  • Elementary Pascal Internals - Introduction to internal structure of P-machine and P-code implementations
  • KEYSORT for BASIC 4.0 - An update to a powerful PET utility
  • A Disk Menu Program - An elegant but short disk directory management program
  • Auto-Run-Wedge for the PET - Avoid extra keystrokes
  • PET VET - Review of Pascals for PET/CBM
  • From Here to Atari - More on using the interrupts
  • The Single Life - The single board's place in a world of sophisticated computers
06-04-21 English PDF 31.59 MB 134.00 Download
zip.png Micro 6502 - Issue 45

Micro 6502 - Issue 45 - February 1982

  • Utilities for the Color Computer - Dump or disassemble 6809 or ASCII code anywhere in memory
  • Formatting AIM Assembler Listings - This program uses a PL/65 approach
  • Superboard Expansion System - Double memory and increase capabilities of C1P and Superboard II
  • Using Atari's Countdown Timers - Use timers with BASIC and Assembly Language programs
  • Speedy Routine for C1P Joystick - Take "slow motion" out of your real-time games
  • Credit Box Creator - Clever techniques to aid your programming
  • RUNZMENU - Eliminate task of rebooting DOS upon language card reset
  • Shape Manipulate - Create, delete, add shapes from tables
  • A FORTHword - A bried history and discussion of features of FORTH
  • Using FORTH with the 6502 - Three applications to utilize the power of FORTH
  • Stepper Motor Control: A FORTH Approach - Command language in FORTH controls movement
  • Life in FORTH and BASIC - Compare and learn from two languages
  • PET Vet - High-level languages on SuperPET
  • From Here to Atari - A look at DOS file structure and the floppy disk system
  • The Single Life - A FORTH vendor is spotlighted
06-04-21 English PDF 33.37 MB 135.00 Download
zip.png Micro 6502 - Issue 46

Micro 6502 - Issue 46 - March 1982

  • VisiCalc Formulas for Depreciation - Ready-to-use formulas provide three methods of depreciation
  • Numerical Solution of Differential Equations - Runge-Kutta method and Applesoft program help you solve equations
  • Legrange Interpolating Polynomial - This helpful routine will run on any machine with floating point BASIC
  • SIN(X) The Hard Way - Learn how the in-ROM machine language routing works
  • A Cross Reference Generator for OSI BASIC - Find any variable or line number in your OSI BASIC program
  • More Hooks into OSI BASIC - Add keywords to BASIC under OS-65D v3.2
  • Microsoft BASIC-in-ROM Extensions - PRINT AT and CALL functions are added to BASIC-in-ROM
  • Machine Language to DATA Statement Generator - This handy routine can be applied to all OSI BASIC-in-ROM machines
  • Autonumber Plus for Cursor Control - Add automatic line numbering and PRINT AT to your cursor control program
  • KIM Bouncy Keypad Cure - The 94-bye program prolongs the life of your bouncy keypad
  • Binary Storage and Array Retrieval - A technique for extremely fast I/O of arrays on disk is presented
  • A Disassembler for the 6809 - This disassembler is written in Microsoft BASIC and will run on the Apple II or the Radio Shack Color Computer
  • PET Audible Disk Alarm - This simple enhancement sounds an alarm when a disk error occurs
  • I/O Expansion for AIM - Add two VIAs to trible I/O capacity
06-04-21 English PDF 33.21 MB 151.00 Download
zip.png Micro 6502 - Issue 47

Micro 6502 - Issue 47 - April 1982

  • AIM User Device Arbiter - Expand the AIM's I/O ports
  • General Purpose Tape I/O for OSI - Flexible cassette LOAD and SAVEfunctions are provided
  • A Real Tape Operating System - Get the most out of Commodore's reliable system
  • COPCOP Single Drive Copier - Copy OSI diskettes quickly and easily
  • Vortax Interface for SYM - Easily interface this speech synthesizer to your system's VIA
  • 6508 - A New 6502 Configuration - Package includes processor, I/O, RAM and other features
  • Programmable Reverse Video for the C1P - Add this handy feature to your C1P with programming and circuitry
  • Structured Programming in BASIC09 - Combine the benefits of structured programming and user interaction
  • Extension to the C-Bug Monitor - Debugging functions are added to this ML monitor for the Color Computer
  • Multiprecision Addition - A Comparison of 6809 and 6502 Programming
  • FLEX: An Operating System for the 6809 - FELX's history, features and applications are discussed
  • 7SEG: PET Giant Character Set - Alpha-numeric characters on seven-segment display
  • Applesoft Variable Dump - This debugging utility provides a dump of current variable array values
  • Integer Cross-Reference Utilities - Generate a complete cross-reference table for Apple Integer BASIC programs
06-04-21 English PDF 33.71 MB 148.00 Download
zip.png Micro 6502 - Issue 48

Micro 6502 - Issue 48 - May 1982

  • Memory Map Relocator - Use this handy program to prevent your programs from being overwritten
  • General BASIC to Machine Language Interface - Allow better communication between BASIC and machine language
  • LISZT with Strings - Turn Applesoft listings into easy-to-understand structured formats
  • Apple Graphics for Okidata Microline 80 - Dump Apple hi-res screen graphics to Okidata printer
  • Commodore and MICRO
  • PET Memory Protector - Isolate 1K or more of memory from BASIC and resets
  • Growing Knowledge Trees - Artificial intelligence represented in tree diagrams
  • PET Menu and Tape Timer - Advanced cassette control, extensive use of WAIT command
  • PET Vet - PET SCREEN editing
  • From Here to Atari - "Front Jacks" on the Atari 400 and 800
  • The Single Life - HDE Disk BASIC
07-04-21 English PDF 104.26 MB 179.00 Download
zip.png Micro 6502 - Issue 49

Micro 6502 - Issue 49 - June 1982

  • Disk to Tape Backup Utility - Save money by using cassette tapes for backup
  • AIM User Function Dispatch - Overcome AIM's limitation of three user-definable keys
  • Add a VIA and Speech Synthesizer to the Color Computer - Add 8-bit bidirectional I/O ports to your Color Computer
  • A Sequential File Handler for a Disk-Based OSI - This file handler written in BASIC and easily implemented
  • Face Synthesizer for PET - Create an animated face on the PET's screen
  • A Low-Cost Digitizer for the Apple - Use a sheet of plastic to built this digitizer
  • AIM Logic Trainer - Test logic circuits and control I/O with this program
  • A Versatile Disk Label Printer - Print different kinds of labels for one and two sided disks
  • Program for Inverting a Matrix - Handy routine for math and statistical programs
  • BASIC, FORTH, and RPL - Two established languages are compared to a newcomer, RPL
  • Tiny PILOT for the PET - A machine language PILOT with screen editing
  • Microcomputer Interfacing: FORTH vs. BASIC - Programs to control a digitizer interface are compared
  • PRINT AT for OSI Systems - Routine for C1P, C4P, and C8P, plus hex object loader
  • Symbol Table Lister for the OSI - List symbol table generated by the C1P assembler
07-04-21 English PDF 111.72 MB 180.00 Download
zip.png Micro 6502 - Issue 50

Micro 6502 - Issue 50 - July 1982

  • Rewriting PET ROMs - Eliminate bugs and add improvements by rewritting your operating system
  • Timing and Counting with the 6522 - Perform precision timing tasks with the Versatile Interface Adapter
  • An Overview of Apple DOS - Learn how to manipulate and modify DOS
  • Converting Apple Pictures to a Standart Bit-Mapped Format - Transfer Apple hi-res screens to Visibile Memory on the PET
  • PET Communicates with Apple - Use the Apple's cassette port to transport data
  • Apple Disk Sector Map Utility - Determine actual sector allocation
  • Build an Apple Cart - An inexpensive way to build a home for your Apple
  • Low-Resolution Graphics and Apple Pascal - Access Apple's lo-res capabilitiess from Apple Pascal
  • Computer-Assisted Translation of Program from 6502 - 6809 - Translating techniques
  • Auto Entry for the C1P - Easy keyboard entry for machine language programs
  • TAPDUP - AIM Tape Copy Utilitiy - Backup your cassettes by controlling two recorders at the same time
  • Apple Slices - A method to pass parameters between BASIC and machine language
  • PET Vet - Review of POWER, a flexibile utility package
08-04-21 English PDF 120.53 MB 154.00 Download
zip.png Micro 6502 - Issue 51

Micro 6502 - Issue 51 - August 1982

  • Structured Programming in 6502 Assembly Language - Add high-level, structured techniques to your assemble-language programming
  • Pattern-Matching with the 6502 on the Apple - Presents both elementary and advanced patern-matchin algorithms
  • Random Number Generator in Machine Language for the Apple - A simple subroutine for the Apple
  • A New Character Set for the VIC-20 - Design your own VIC characters
  • Data Transfer from AIM to PET - Send data and programs from the AIM to the PET through a simple cable
  • PET to AIM Download - Use the PET to develop programs for simpler systems
  • Expanding File Cabinet for the Apple - Access File Cabinet for use with other programs
  • Duty Cycle Monitor for the VIC-20 - Determine the correct volume level for reliable recording of cassette tapes
  • Interfacing the Color Computer - Send and receive Morse code
  • POWER-Aid for the PET - Add commands to Professional Software's BASIC programming utility, POWER
  • ON ERROR GOTO for OSI ROM BASIC - A utility to trap errors without stopping program execution
  • Straight Forward Garbage Collection for the Apple - An Apple-based linear garbage collection program
  • OSI Extended I/O Processor - Ad more than thirty new functions to the OSI C1P
  • Delete on the OSI - Omit on or more lines with only a few keystrokes
09-04-21 English PDF 117.41 MB 208.00 Download
zip.png Micro 6502 - Issue 52

Micro 6502 - Issue 52 - September 1982

  • The 68000 and the Personal Computer - The 68000 as an add-on to 6502-based systems
  • An MC68000 Overview - A description of the 68000's registers, instruction set, and addressing modes
  • 68000 Instruction Set - Part 1 in a series on the 68000, including a detailed table of Data Movements
  • Superimposing TV Pictures on PET Video - Modify the PET to superimpose a television camera picture on the PET video display
  • A/D Conversion Using a 555 Timer IC - This simple 555 timer yields a high dynamic range inexpensively
  • Delayed Reset and Autoboot for the OSI - Add both a time delay to the BREAK key, and an automatic disk system bootup
  • 6809 Macros for Structured Programming - Use assembler macros for structured assembly language programming
  • Market Projection Program for the Color Computer - A sophisticated business program to project industry and company sales
  • Double-Entry Formatting for your Checkbook on the C1P - A simple checkbook balancing program
  • Auto SAVE for the PET - A routine for automatic cassette backup
  • COMPRESS - An Applesoft Optimizet - Reduce Applesoft program memory requirements by up to 30%
  • Apple Slices - "Hashing" ... A quick random-access technique
  • PET Vet - The MAE assembler and new Commodore-oriented publications
10-04-21 English PDF 5.61 MB 146.00 Download
zip.png Micro 6502 - Issue 53

Micro 6502 - Issue 53 - October 1982

  • Introduction to Turtle Graphics in Apple Pascal - Dump Pascal Turtle Graphics to a printer
  • Three Faces of Apple LOGO - Different approaches to an educational programming language
  • Mircocomputers in a College Teaching Laboratory - Part 1 - An overview of microcomputer use in an undergraduate lbaoratory program
  • A Personal Computer for Untrained Users - Strategies for creating crash-proof BASIC programs
  • Machine-Language Screen Utilities for the CBM-8032 - Screen formatting and easy cursor positioning
  • Auto Graph for the Apple - Using an EXEC file to self-modify a BASIC program
  • Screen Editor for the OSI 65D Assembler - Add this convenient editing capability to your assembler
  • Formatted Output with Atari BASIC - Print-using for the Atari
  • Building a Parallel Printer Interface - A general discussion with details on a C1P to C1P interface
  • The IBM Selectric as as OSI System Printer - A cheap letter quality printer
  • A Homespun 32K Color Computer - Expand your 16k TRS-80C to 32K bytes of RAM memory
  • Apple Pascal P-Code Interpreter and the 6809 - A comparision of P-Code efficiency between 6502 and 6809 computers
  • Atari Character Graphics from BASIC, Part 1 - A technique to use character-mode display graphics
  • Apple Slices - Run the Pascal assembler under DOS 3.3
  • PET Vet - A better BASIC - Waterloo microBASIC on the SuperPET
11-04-21 English PDF 30.87 MB 147.00 Download
zip.png Micro 6502 - Issue 54

Micro 6502 - Issue 54 - November 1982

Game Features

  • Castle Adventur for PET and Apple
  • SYM 23 Matches
  • Solve the Pagoda Puzzle Using Recursive Assembly
  • Number Shuffle on the Atari
  • Sensible Use of Apple Game Paddles
  • Space Invasion for OSI C1P/Superboard
  • Apple Shootdown


  • Atari Joysticks on the OSI - A simple modification including software and programming information
  • An MC68000 Overview, Part 2 - Simple examples illustrate 68000 programming techniques
  • A Monitor for the TRS-80 Color Computer - Instructions to get composite video from the video section of the CC
  • FLEX and the TRS-80 Color Computer - A description of FLEX09
  • 68000 Binary Arithmetic Operations
  • How to Make a Graphic-80 PET from a 4016 - Just add inexpensive ICs and move jumpers


  • Apple Hi-Res Graphics and Memory Use - Avoid overwriting the graphics display area
  • Atari Character Graphics from BASIC, Part 2 - Learn about fine scrolling
  • Getting Around the Apple Hi-Res Graphics Page - Utilize the graphics area without sacrificing memory
  • Extra Colors for the Atari - Two techniques to expand your computer's palette
  • Introduction to 3-D Rotation on the Apple - Learn the techniques for yaw, pitch, and roll
12-04-21 English PDF 6.62 MB 137.00 Download
zip.png Micro 6502 - Issue 55

Micro 6502 - Issue 55 - December 1982

Commodore Feature

  • It's All Relative - CBM Disk Techniques, Part 1 - Get the most from CBM's powerful disk operating systyem
  • Squeeze for PET Programs - Squeeze out imbedded blank, line seperators, and comments
  • BASIC Line Delete for PET/CBM and VIC - A machine language program to delete blocks of BASIC lines
  • SOUP: A CBM Machine-Language Compare Program - A compare program for machine-language program files
  • Microcomputers in a College Teaching Laboratory, Part 2


  • Apple ILISZT for Integer BASIC Programs - Print your program in a clear, structured format and detect embedded binary code
  • BASIC Macro Function for Cursor Control on the OSI - Insert statements with just two keys
  • Atari Character Graphics from BASIC, Part 3 - Add to Atari's vertical blank interrupt routines
  • Applesoft GOTO/GOSUB Checking Routine - Verify all GOTO and GOSUB references in your program


  • Adding Voice to a Computer - A low-cost procedure for sampling and reproducing voice
  • Enhanced Video for OSI C1P - Add five chips - and several features
  • Home Control Interface for C1P - Add you own ultasonic control
  • Atari Meets the BSR X-10 - Use Atari's controller ports
  • 68000 Logic Instructions - Our discussion of the 68000 instruction set continues
  • Programmable Character Generator for OSI - Design your own character set
  • Utilizing the 6502's Undefined Operation Codes - Hardware to use these op codes for new psuedo-instructions
16-04-21 English PDF 6.5 MB 138.00 Download
zip.png Micro 6502 - Issue 56

Micro 6502 - Issue 56 - January 1983

  • Discrete Even Simulation in Pascal - Simulate real-world simulations
  • Doing Time on the 6809 - Add time in BASIC
  • Model Rocket Simulation in BASIC - Determine the altitude performance of single-stage model rockets
  • Sun and Moon on the Apple - Hi-res graphics simulation: the orbits of the sun and moon
  • Microcomputers in a College Teaching Laboratory, Part 3
  • Measurement of a 35mm Focal Plane Shutter - Use inexpensive hardware to measure the accuracy of your camera
  • It's All Relative - Using CBM's Relative Records, Part 2 - Learn how to set up relative files and records
  • VIC Hi-Res Graphics Explained - Produce 160 by 176 dot graphics
  • 68000 Shift, Roate, and Bit Manipulation Instructions - More detailed coverage of the 68000
  • Extending Newton-Raphson's Method to Evaluate Complex Roots
  • Signed Binary Multiplication is Unsigned - Put this mathmatical curiosity to work
  • Apple Math Editor - Easy construction, editing, and printing of mathematical formulas
  • Using Long Integers for BCD Numbers in Pascal - Bullet-proof string conversion
16-04-21 English PDF 4.84 MB 160.00 Download
zip.png Micro 6502 - Issue 57

Micro 6502 - Issue 57 - February 1983

  • SuperPET APL - An unusual, but powerful, fast, and memory-efficient language
  • EDIT: An Atari FORTH Screen-Oriented Editor - A big improvement over the APX line editors
  • Apple Pascal Hi-Res Screen Dump - Dump the high-resolution graphics screen to your printer
  • An Introduction to FORTH - All about Reverse Polish Notation, colon definitions, and other FORTH features
  • FORTH for the 6809 - A look at CCFORTH, figFORTH, and several FLEX-based systems
  • The World According to LISP - A power language suited to robotics and artificial intelligence
  • Improved IEEE-488 Control for the PET/CBM - More precise control of the bus, without using logical files
  • VIC RS-232 Printer - Interface the Radio Shack Quick Printer and other RS-232 devices
  • PROM BASIC for the C1P - Increase the C1P's performance without a disk drive
  • Indirect Files Under OS-65D - Use the indirect file merge programs, perform warm starts, transfer programs
  • It's All Relative, Using Commodore's Relative Records - Part 3 - Use a key file as an index into a relative file
  • A Binary Search Routine - Two demonstration programs illustrate this technique
  • BASIC Renumber for OSI - Renumber programs in memory and save to tape
  • 68000 Program Control: Branch and Jump Instructions
17-04-21 English PDF 4.9 MB 162.00 Download
zip.png Micro 6502 - Issue 58

Micro 6502 - Issue 58 - March 1983

  • Hi-Res Plotting with the VIC - Combine VIC-1515/1525 printer with the VIC-20 for high-resolution graphics
  • Print Control for Apple Printers - A shorth subroutine for automatic pagination and user-selectable margins
  • Centronics Printer Driver for Your Microcomputer - an MX-Driver assemble language program
  • Disk ID for Printed OSI Directories - Put unused disk space to good use
  • Apple PRINT-USING Routine - a machine language routine for formatted output
  • A Full Byte for Your Apple Printer - Greater control using the eighth bit
  • MICRO Calc for Commodore and Apple - A miniature electronic spreadsheet
  • Digi-Draft for Atari 400/800 - A sophisticated drawing program
  • The Computer Revolution Reaches the Community
  • BANNER: A Display Program for the Color Computer
  • 68000 BCD and Privileged Instructions
  • A Versatile Hi-Res Graphics Routine for the Apple
  • Apple Disk Track Copy for Non-Matching Numbers
  • It's All Relative, Part 4 Using Commodore's Relative Records - Read and write relative files
18-04-21 English PDF 7.44 MB 218.00 Download
zip.png Micro 6502 - Issue 59 NEW

Micro 6502 - Issue 59 - April 1983

  • Communications:  The Growing Network
  • A Not-So-Dumb Terminal Program for the SuperPET - Turn the SuperPet into a smart terminal for a mainframe
  • Dialing the Networks - A MC6809 communicates with the major networks
  • A Home-Built Communications Interface - Circuitry and techniques for construction
  • PET-to-PET Communications - Transfer an array over the User Port
  • Multi-Microprocessor Tidbits - Run a 6502 and 6809 on the same computer - simultaneously
  • MASTER for VIC and Commodore 64 - A serious look at a simple guessing game
  • Conservation of Momentum for Atari and Commodore - An Introductory physics demonstration
  • Is a Number a Number? - Convert Numbers from one base to another
  • A Begginer's Computer Glossary, Part 2
11-07-21 English PDF 8.2 MB 37.00 Download
zip.png Micro 6502 - Issue 60 NEW

Micro 6502 - Issue 60 - May 1983

  • The ATARI 1200XL - A comparison of the Atari 1200XL, 800 and 400 computers
  • Microprocessors for Your Apple II - A comparison of add-on boards for the Apple II
  • COMMODORE New Wave - A discussion of Commodore's new product line
  • Is 16 Bits the Solution? - Can 8-bit technology survive in the small computer market?
  • Get More Data on Your CBM Disk - Write up to four times more numerical data on disk using binary format
  • Parameter Passing in Assembly Language, Part I - Pass data to and from assembly language subroutines
  • Real-time Clock for the Color Computer - Add a real-time clock and date function to your programs
  • &GET on the Apple - A machine-language program to allow customized input routines
  • Modifying and Using MAE on the PET - Modifications allow output to an ASCII printer and listing output to a disk file
  • 68000 Instructions - Miscellaneous instructions implemented on the 68000
  • It's All Relative, Part 5: Printing Commodore File Data - How to format and print data from Commodore relative disk files
  • Breakup - A simple animation game that demonstrates PEEKs and POKEs
  • Addressfile - A file-management system for the VIC-20 and other Commodore computers
  • Apple Graphics for Okidata Microline 80: Revisited - Print Apple II hi-res graphics screens on an Okidata Microline 80 printer
  • A Universal Printer Pager for Apple - Automatically produce top and bottom margins on each page of printer output
  • Second PET as Soft Printer - Address a second PET as IEEE Device 4
  • MULTIC - A Multi-Column Print for AIM - Print AIM listings the full width of your printer
  • Superboard II / Quick Printer II - An inexpensive way to interface the OSI Superboard II to a RS Quick Printer II
  • PET VET - Load-and-Run programming
  • From Here to Atari - Drawing geometric shapes
  • CoCo Bits - A look at the TDP 100, modems, and service manuals
  • Interface Clinic - Experiments in interfacing
11-07-21 English PDF 8.46 MB 60.00 Download