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d64 floppy.jpg Convert 2.5

This is William Coleman's utility for converting files from GEOS format to standard Commodore format. GEOS files cannot be directly transferred via. modem or ftp because of their special header record (that holds the icon and so forth). Running convert2.5 on them will convert them to a format that can be. The resultant files (often with a .cvt extention) need to be converted back to GEOS format before they can be used; convert2.5 will do this as well.

Convert2.5 is a auto-converting program. Load it and run it in c64 mode, and it will create the GEOS application convert2.5 on your disk.

22-04-15 English Commodore 64 11.49 KB 395.00 Download
zip.png geoBEAP v2.1a

geoBEAP v2.1a by Bo Zimmerman is an amazing GEOS utility that  will create (pack) and dissolve (or unpack) the following disk images: .D64 (standard C= emulator 1541 disks), .D71 (standard C= emulator 1571 disks), .D81 (standard C= emulator 1581 disks), ZipCode 4-packs (by DarkStar, the original disk image archiver), EMUTIL single compressed images (supports ANY drive type, and gets better compression than .D64 or ZipCode), EMUTIL multi-file compressed images (same as above, but multiple files), and the original .BEP format (unchanged since 1.5). geoBEAP 2.0 ALSO supports the following FILE archive formats: GEOS Convert (.cvt) files, LYNX (.lnx) archives (includes relative file support, and support for EVERY version of LYNX I know of), and ARK (.ark) archives (including relative file support). The LYNX support also includes geoPack files, making geoBEAP a direct replacement for that aging application.

This version was updated in 2009 to work with Wheels. Full docs included on disk.

Website external 28-05-20 English PDF 28.82 KB 62.00 Download
zip.png geoConvert E98.f

geoConvert-E98.f for GEOS 64 & 128 by Markus Kanet, released on 4/25/1999.  This utility can convert files from GEOS to CBM, CBM to GEOS, SEQ to UUE and UUE to SEQ.  It also supports 80-column mode on the Commodore 128 but I don't have one to test so all the screenshots are from a C64.

Markus Kanet Website external 10-06-20 English Commodore 64 45.15 KB 55.00 Download
zip.png geoConvert v4.2

geoConvert v4.2 by Markus Kanet, released on 1/6/2019 - This is an improved version of the deprecated 'geoConvert 98f'. This utility can convert files from GEOS to CBM, CBM to GEOS, SEQ to UUE and UUE to SEQ. UUE was a helpful file format in the beginnings of the internet to send files using eMail. UUE is mostly deprected but is still included since it may still work. geoConvert can handle D64 disk images: Create and write images and also extract single files from disk images. Since version 4.x geoConvert can also handle D71/D81 disk images. Unlike Convert 2.x/3.x this utility can handle GEOS VLIR-files with a chain-length of more then 64Mb using a special .G98 file format. You need geoConvert to convert this files back to GEOS.

Full documentation in geoWrite format is included as well as German versions of the program and docs.

Markus Kanet external 10-06-20 English Commodore 64 23.02 KB 69.00 Download
zip.png geoPack 2.1

geoPack 2.1 for GEOS 64 by Spike Dethman is a comnbination of Lynx & Convert that pack your files in a transfer friendly way.  With this utility you can select a group of files and the program will first convert them into a format that can be shared outside of GEOS, then it will Lynx them together so you only have to deal with one file.  The program will also do the opposite so you can unpack and convert the files back to a GEOS usable format.  Works with all type of disk drives including RAM drives.

10-06-20 English Commodore 64 45.13 KB 64.00 Download