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zip0 AutoKernel [Ultimate64]

AutoKernel by Scott Hunter is a modified C64 kernel ROM that will auto load and run the first BASIC program on device 8 when the computer is turned on.  This would be a great alternate kernel for something like the Ultimate64, unfortunately this would leave you without JiffyDOS.

Also included is a program by Ray Allen called SnappyLoader which is a BASIC menu that can be run by AutoKernel to assist in loading other programs.

30-07-19 English Commodore 64 8.57 KB 460 Download
zip1 U64 Run [Ultimate64]

U64 Run by TTL is a neat little command line program you can use from a Windows shell to load and run a program on the Ultimate64 (Gideon).

Ex. - c:> u64run.exe test.prg

30-07-19 English Windows 3.74 KB 443 Download
zip2 U64 Streamer v1.2

U64 Streamer v1.2 by M.F. Wieland is a Windows utilitiy that can accept an audio and / or video stream from the Ultimate 64 (Commodore 64 FPGA) and capture screens or video from the stream.

29-07-19 English Windows 14.85 MB 476 Download
zip3 U64 Streamer v1.22

U64 Streamer v1.22 by M.F. Wieland is a Windows utilitiy that can accept an audio and / or video stream from the Ultimate 64 (Commodore 64 FPGA) and capture screens or video from the stream.

Website external 14-05-20 English Windows 569.65 KB 328 Download
zip4 U64 Streamer v1.23

U64 Streamer v1.23 by M.F. Wieland is a Windows utilitiy that can accept an audio and / or video stream from the Ultimate 64 (Commodore 64 FPGA) and capture screens or video from the stream.

Website external 14-05-20 English Windows 581.78 KB 387 Download
zip5 U64 Streamer v1.24

Changelog v1.24 (20/03/2021):

  • ~ Fixed: CTRL+C image capture key, was not working anymore
  • ~ Fixed: F1..F8 key assignment/remap
  • ~ Fixed: NTSC scaling optimalisation
  • ~ Fixed: Video frame processing optimalisation
  • + Added: mouse actions on outputImage. left click=toggle menu, right click=settings
  • + Added: U64 stream will be stopped when hitting “stop stream” button or closing app, if auto start/stop stream is
04-11-21 English 584.74 KB 72 Download
zip6 U64 Streamer v1.25

Changelog v1.25 (14/07/2021):

  • ~ Fixed: Double click on maximized window did not reset window to normal.
  • ~ Fixed: FPS calculation was wrong, fixed it.
  • ~ Fixed: Exception raised when window is minimised.
  • ~ Fixed: Various window position/size, save/restore issues.
  • ~ Fixed: some remote function crashed app when u64 is not reachable.
  • ~ Fixed: Menu is not controllable with keys anymore to prevent accidentally stop
04-11-21 595.09 KB 96 Download
zip7 Ultimate 64 Data Streams Documentation [firmware 3.5c+]

This is a snapshot of the documentation for the Ultimate 64 Data Stream as of May 14th, 2020.  Here is a web link to the original source.

14-05-20 English PDF 84.34 KB 272 Download
zip8 Ultimate 64 Elite Documentation HOT

What is it?! This board is a hardware implementation (FPGA) of the entire C64, and it includes the Ultimate-II+ as well. An ALL IN ONE solution!

ultimate- 64-elite-documentation
29-02-20 English PDF 1.56 MB 768 Download
zip9 Ultimate 64 Firmware v1.02


  • Sprite Collisions.
  • ultimate641
07-03-19 English Commodore 64 1.32 MB 452 Download
zip10 Ultimate 64 Firmware v1.06

Ultimate 64 firmware v1.06:

07-03-19 English Commodore 64 1.26 MB 489 Download
zip11 Ultimate 64 Firmware v1.0B

Apparently the version numbers are hex and not decimal.

Differences with previous official release V1.06

  • SID has been improved quite a bit.
    • The internal SID is now consistently referenced as "UltiSID", to avoid confusion with other SID products.
    • Various bugs, like the phase of the filters, and the routing of Voice 3 when the VOICE3OFF bit was set have been corrected.
    • A number of SID filter curves have now been implemented and can now be
22-02-19 English Commodore 64 1.34 MB 418 Download
zip12 Ultimate 64 Firmware v1.10
Differences with previous release V1.0B
  • Based on Ultimate-II+ firmware Version 3.4
  • NTSC mode has been added. The switch can be found in the U64 Specific Settings menu
  • Added rudimentary support for USB Floppy disks (not completely done yet; as removal of floppy is not yet detected)
  • USB problems with low/full speed devices fixed; no more bus hang-ups in these cases. (No full HID support just yet..)
  • VIC collision problem
07-03-19 English Commodore 64 1.5 MB 416 Download
zip13 Ultimate 64 Firmware v1.18

Differences with previous release V1.10

  • Based on the Ultimate-II+ firmware Version 3.4c
  • NTSC mode has been fixed, from 262 lines to 263 lines per frame.
  • SID autoconfig: If there is just one SID, give it the full address range.
  • Speaker volume setting added for U64.
  • Various fixes in the VIC sprite generator. This fixes many demos.
  • Preparations added for Elite version of the U64 board
  • Adjusted analog colors, thanks to
04-07-19 English Commodore 64 1.5 MB 425 Download
zip14 Ultimate 64 Firmware v1.20

Differences with previous release V1.18

  • Based on the Ultimate-II+ firmware Version 3.5
  • Added features:
    • Real time streaming VIC video data over Ethernet
    • Real time streaming audio data over Ethernet
    • Added commands on TCP port to enable/disable these
04-07-19 English Commodore 64 1.52 MB 386 Download
zip15 Ultimate 64 Firmware v1.21

Differences with previous release V1.20

  • Based on the Ultimate-II+ firmware Version 3.5a
  • Fixed UltiSid reset; should zero all registers to silence it
  • Fixed debug register for regression testing
  • Fixed directories that match file type extensions
04-07-19 English Commodore 64 1.52 MB 421 Download
zip16 Ultimate 64 Firmware v1.26
  • This is the factory image of the latest production, with support for 1.4 board revision.
  • Support for Super Games cartridge.
  • Fixed KCS cart at boot time.
  • Swapped audio channels, thanks Siegried.
  • Improved cartridge timing which corrects the ARMSID detection.
02-03-20 English Commodore 64 1.52 MB 350 Download
zip17 Ultimate 64 Firmware v1.28

Added features since 1.24

  • Debug stream over Ethernet, which logs CPU / VIC access real time, also possible to log C64 CPU and 1541 CPU alongside. U64 only.
  • ACIA (MOS 6551) emulation
  • Modem Layer emulation (6551 <-> LAN), supporting both outbound and inbound connections
  • REU load / save commands from UCI, using the preload settings
  • File append mode for Software IEC.
  • Support for SuperGames cartridge
Website external 14-05-20 English Commodore 64 1.54 MB 335 Download
zip18 Ultimate 64 Firmware v1.34

Firmware for the U64 / U64E, version 1.34 - Dated: 2020-06-21

Added features since 1.28

  • Turbo Mode... The 6510 CPU can now be run faster than 1 MHz.
  • Support for Nordic Power cartridge
  • Faster application processor for smoother file browsing experience
  • Significant lower noise floor when using real SIDs
  • From MarkusC64: For Geos 64 - Download D41, D71, D81 and DNP files directly from the file browser into a RAMDISK of the same
Website external 22-06-20 English Commodore 64 1.51 MB 409 Download
zip19 Ultimate 64 Firmware v3.10 / Core v1.41

This is not the current version.  As of October 31st, 2021, the current version is v3.10a / Core v1.41

Changes since official release (3.9 / 1.37)

Added features:
- Hardware emulation of 1571 and 1581 drives (U2+ / U64 only)
- MFM support on 1571, with enhanced G71 format to store MFM tracks
- Added audio samples for insert / remove floppy disk
- Added second drive sound to speaker output
- Possiblity to use your own drive sound samples

31-10-21 English 4.99 MB 81 Download
zip20 Ultimate 64 Firmware v3.10a / Core v1.41

Changes in 3.10a, compared to 3.10


  • [Issue-246] Fixed: Virtual Printer crashes when file cannot be created.
  • [Issue-234] Deleting last item in directory makes selection invisible
  • [Issue-236] Confirmation modal asking a question only gives 'OK' instead of 'Yes/No'.
  • [Issue-R17] Added mapping of ESC key to RUN/STOP.
  • [Facebook Request] Added: Leave menu on mount (can be selected per drive)
  • [Facebook Bug Report]: Allow
31-10-21 English 5.01 MB 121 Download
zip21 Ultimate 64 Modem Documentation [firmware v3.7]

This is a snapshot of the documentation for the lightweight modem emulation added to the Ultimate 64 firmware starting with version 3.7.  Here is a link to the website this was pulled from.

14-05-20 English PDF 52.76 KB 280 Download
zip22 Ultimate 64 RGB Cable Layout

Picture detailing the RGB layout for an Ultimate 64.

05-09-19 English Windows 69.35 KB 393 Download
zip23 Ultimate DOS Command Summary v1.2

Ultimate DOS Command Summary v1.2 - This is an in depth guide on the various commands available to the Ultimate DOS built into the Ultimate 1541-II, Ultimate-II+ and Ultimate 64.

02-09-19 English PDF 786.11 KB 495 Download
zip24 Ultimate Opus v0.2

Ultimate Opus is a utility for the Ultimate cartridge or Ultimate 64 that lets you manage files either on USB or SD card.

31-08-19 English Commodore 64 5.13 KB 401 Download
zip25 Ultimate64 Firmware v1.24

Latest firmware for the Ultimate 64 / Ultimate64E, version 1.24 - Dated: 2019-10-13

Note: See long description for full details

15-10-19 English Commodore 64 1.53 MB 386 Download