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zip0 Easy Reader Manual

EASY READER is an exciting new series of computer programs to be used at home to practice and develop basic reading skills.  The programs have been carefully designed by classroom teachers to help students improve skills that are necessary for good reading and better grades.

04-03-20 English PDF 2.77 MB 421 Download
zip1 Easy Script Manual

EASY SCRIPT is one of the most powerful word processors available for any microcomputer.  It allows you to create, store and modify text easily.  This makes EASY SCRIPT ideal for writing reports, letters, books, memos, bulletins, in fact any type of document.  The text can be stored on diskette or cassette so that it can be printed or modified as required.

04-03-20 English PDF 3.17 MB 742 Download
zip2 Easy Script Quick Reference Card

Easy Script Quick Reference Card

04-03-20 English PDF 43.21 KB 387 Download
zip3 Easy Spell Manual

EASY SPELL is a fast, efficient spelling checker for the EASY SCRIPT word processing package.  EASY SPELL lets you check words for spelling errors in a document prepared using EASY SCRIPT and then errors can be corrected.  You can add words to the EASY SPELL vocabulary to suit anyone who writes.  You can check the spelling of individual documents or those that are made up of linked files on the same diskette.

04-03-20 English PDF 696.91 KB 378 Download
zip4 Easy Tutor

The EASY TUTOR was designed to assist the beginner in the operation of the Commodore 64 in BASIC; but at the same time, enough information is provided to satisfy the intermediate programmer.  There are 10 lessons - the first five are relatively simple, while the latter half is more involved. Included are practical easy-to-understand examples along with some problems to help the student.

04-03-20 English PDF 220.98 KB 367 Download
zip5 Easy Working Filer

Welcome to Easy Working Filer!  Using a database couldn't be easier, even for the fIrst time user!

04-03-20 English PDF 691.42 KB 480 Download
zip6 Easy Working Planner Manual

Welcome to Easy Working Planner!  Using a spreadsheet couldn't be easier, even for the first time user!

04-03-20 English PDF 629.96 KB 425 Download
zip7 Easy Working Writer Manual

Easy Working Writer is an easy-to-use program containing both a word processor and a spelling checker.

04-03-20 English PDF 5.17 MB 495 Download
zip8 EasyCalc 64 Manual

EASYCALC is a business software package that will speed up all your financial calculations; with EASYCALC and your Commodore 64, complex jobs will be easy!  EASYCALC uses a worksheet that can be changed to suit your requirements and presents results in a clear bar chart for you.

04-03-20 English PDF 13.23 MB 472 Download
zip9 Edumate Light Pen Manual

Congratulations!  You have just purchased one of the most advanced graphics peripherals available on the home computer market!  This high-resolution Edumate light pen will enable you to draw in many colors on your screen, make menu selections and enter program answers by simply touching the pen to the screen.

04-03-20 English PDF 1.46 MB 416 Download
zip10 Elite Exchange One BBS Manual

Thanx for checking out the EX1-BBS program!  Here is the latest version.  Thanx to those who had to wait forever it seems for this book to arrive!  I try and make the program first then the book next, then some games and utilities last.  I really encourage you to work on a game or utility for EX1.  I'll be more than happy to distribute it for you!  It can be GREAT advertizment for U're BBS!  Hey, while on that, send an AD for U're BBS and I will print it in the EX1-newzletter and in this EX1 instruction book, and also in my IFJournal.

04-03-20 English PDF 9.32 MB 534 Download
zip11 Entrepreneur Manual

Entrepreneur - The Complete Business Start-Up Kit

04-03-20 English PDF 18.06 MB 433 Download
zip12 Epyx Programmers BASIC Toolkit Manual

Welcome to Programmers' BASIC Toolkit.  This manual and the programs on the enclosed disk are your toolkit for creating colorful graphics with sound and action. Programmers' BASIC Toolkit provides you with a complete package of programming tool enhancements for the built-in Commodore BASIC.  The Programmers' BASIC Toolkit is a co-resident program: once it is loaded into your computer it becomes part of the Commodore BASIC. Suddenly you can add hi-speed assembly language power to your programs, using simple BASIC commands.

04-03-20 English PDF 6.77 MB 634 Download
zip13 EPYX Programmers Toolkit Reference Card

EPYX Programmers Toolkit Reference Card

04-03-20 English PDF 930.23 KB 446 Download
zip14 Family Roots v1.5 Instruction Manual

FAMILY ROOTS is a set of programs that assist you in your search for family historical information.  The use of the programs allows you to store a standard set of information for each family member and rapidly access that information for viewing or printing in a variety of useful ways.

04-03-20 English PDF 12.1 MB 430 Download
zip15 Family Roots v1.5 Instruction Manual

FAMILY ROOTS is a set of programs that assist you in your search for family historical information.  The use of the programs allows you to store a standard set of information for each family member and rapidly access that information for viewing or printing in a variety of useful ways.

04-03-20 English PDF 417 Download
zip16 Fassem by Merlin (Assembler / Disassembler)

Fassem 'The Fast One' Assembler / Disassembler by Merlin (M.Ellis) is a unique take on assembly language programming for the Commodore 64.

Thanks go to BlueCursor for the software and manual.

02-06-20 English PDF 2.34 MB 750 Download
zip17 Fast Hack'em 128 v6.00 Manual

Congratulations on purchasing the finest disk duplication system available for the Commodore 128 home computer.  Many thousands of hours of research have been spent in designing the software used in this package in order to achieve a product that would equal or surpass the speed and ability to duplicate nearly any disk, protected or not, of a $10,000 hardware disk duplication system.

04-03-20 English PDF 1.32 MB 536 Download
zip18 FASTFILE with Report Manual

Congratulations for selecting FASTFILE.  In a very short time you should be using your own database applications.  Simply follow the step-by-step examples given in the sections that follow.

04-03-20 English PDF 583.52 KB 349 Download
zip19 Fastrac 128 Manual

Let us begin by thanking you for your purchase of Fastrac 128.  Fastrac 128 is our finest effort in the C-128 field and represents several years of customer input.

04-03-20 English PDF 264.73 KB 351 Download
zip20 Fastrac 128 v1.0 US Edition Manual

Fastrac 128 was created specifically for UNPROTECTED software. As far as protected software goes, it will not back-up, copy, transfer files, repair hard errors, or deprotect - Period!  This was not our intention when Fastrac128 was 'designed.  For dealing with protected software, we suggest the Maverick (also from Software Support), which will work on your C-128 in the 64 mode.

04-03-20 English PDF 15.99 MB 373 Download
zip21 FilePro 64 Manual

FilePro is a simple to use, but sophisticated, data management program approaching a full fledged data base in capability.  The operations and uses of FilePro will be explained in detail for the novice computer user.

04-03-20 English PDF 974.78 KB 356 Download
zip22 Financial Cookbook - The Manual

This manual describes the use of the FINANCIAL COOKBOOK.  While the FINANCIAL COOKBOOK is a sophisticated financial tool, it is dependent upon tax rates, tables and laws that are subject to revision by Congress and interpretation by the IRS and by the courts.

06-03-20 English PDF 8.92 MB 447 Download
zip23 Financial Cookbook Quick Reference

How to operate the Financial Cookbook - For additional information, see the manual.

06-03-20 English PDF 421.34 KB 405 Download
zip24 Financial Planner 128 Manual

Using this software you will be able to monitor your financial situation with speed, accuracy, and efficiency.  And while this package leads you step-by-step through every vital area of financial planning, it also enables you to be creative.

05-03-20 English PDF 53.11 MB 477 Download
zip25 Fleet Filer

Fleet Filer is the fastest and easiest database to use on the market today.  For the first time, all the major features of other popular databases have been combined into one powerful program without sacrificing speed or space!

05-03-20 English PDF 1.23 MB 431 Download
zip26 Fleet System 2 and 3 User Guide

Fleet System is the result of many years of research and experimentation.  It is a very powerful software program that allows the user to utilize many versatile word processing features easily. Fleet System puts at your disposal the four main functions of word processing - writing, revising, spell checking and printing - each with a minimum amount of effort.

07-03-20 English PDF 11.39 MB 460 Download
zip27 Fleet System 2 Printer Addendum

This sheet is designed to help you make the optimal selections on the Fleet System 2 Printer Setup Menu for your printer. Please be sure to work through the Introduction section of the Fleet System 2 manual and then please refer to this sheet when you get to the section on printer set up.

07-03-20 English PDF 118.46 KB 365 Download
zip28 Fleet System 2 User's Guide

Fleet System 2 is the result of two years of research and experimentation.  It is a very powerful software program that allows the user to utilize many versatile word processing features easily.  Fleet System 2 puts at your disposal the four main functions of word processing - writing, revising, spell checking and printing - each with a minimum amount of effort.

07-03-20 English PDF 3.72 MB 470 Download
zip29 Fleet System 2+ User Guide

Fleet System combines the power of integrated spell checking with a powerful built-in electronic Thesaurus.  The Thesaurus provides you with the ability to examine a word and lists alternate words which have the same meaning (synonyms) or opposite meaning (antonyms). This added feature can greatly improve your writing by expanding your vocabulary and adding variety to your writing.

07-03-20 English PDF 9.78 MB 528 Download
zip30 Fleet System 3

Thank you for purchasing Fleet System 3 for use on your Commodore 128 c omputer.  And congratulations because you now own the best integrated writing tool available for the C -128!

07-03-20 English Commodore 128 4.06 MB 436 Download
zip31 Fleet System 3 Thesaurus Addendum

Thank you for purchasing Fleet System 3 for use on your Commodore 128 computer.  And congratulations, because you now own the best integrated writing tool available for the C-128!

07-03-20 English PDF 564.98 KB 371 Download
zip32 Fleet System 4 User Guide

Congratulations... You made a wise decision in selecting Fleet System 4 as you embark into the world of electronic word processing.

07-03-20 English PDF 8.71 MB 469 Download
zip33 Font Master 128 Manual

Congratulations for purchasing the Xetec Fontmaster 128 system. Now in its third generation, the Fontmaster concept has blossomed into one of the most flexible, most capable word processors for small computers. With the advent of the Commodore 128 computer, more features have been added than ever dreamed possible.

07-03-20 English PDF 1.71 MB 567 Download
zip34 Font Master 128 Quick Reference

Font Master 128 Quick Reference

07-03-20 English PDF 128.16 KB 424 Download
zip35 Font Master File Converter Addendum

Font Master File Converter Addendum

07-03-20 English PDF 20.83 KB 402 Download
zip36 Font Master II Quick Reference Guide

Font Master II Quick Reference Guide

07-03-20 English PDF 70.16 KB 412 Download
zip37 Font Master II User Manual

Congratulations for purchasing the Xetec Fontmaster system.  More than a word processor, more than a print utility, Fontmaster helps the average user to produce professional and interesting documents with inexpensive equipment.  The system uses a unique process in order to print near-letter-quality fonts on many low cost dot-matrix printers.

07-03-20 English PDF 5.03 MB 513 Download
zip38 Font Master User Manual

Congratulations on buylng the Xetec FONTMASTER system.  The system uses a unique process in order to simulate daisy-wheel quality print from a dot-matrlx printer.  With a Commodore 64, a 1541 disk drive, and the Included software and fonts, you can write documents, changing type-style any time you want <even In the middle of a word!>.

07-03-20 English PDF 1.65 MB 385 Download
zip39 Forecast - Your at Home Weather Station Guide

Get set to unlock the mysteries behind weather prediction with FORECAST!, your at-home weather station!  This program guide has been designed to introduce you to the program and explain the scientific principles used by professionals to predict the weather.

07-03-20 English PDF 1.81 MB 449 Download
zip40 Forecaster Manual

Forecaster - A simple, yet versatile approach to predicition.

07-03-20 English PDF 10.82 MB 471 Download
zip41 Forms Maker and Filler User Manual

Forms Maker and Filler User Manual

08-03-20 English PDF 1.89 MB 427 Download
zip42 Forth Language Manual

"Forth should be able to do what other programming languages can do--only more elegantly."

09-03-20 English Commodore 64 1.43 MB 473 Download
zip43 Fortran-64 Manual HOT

Fortran programming language for the Commodore 64

09-03-20 English PDF 28.33 MB 1,010 Download
zip44 Games Designer Manual

Here is the opportunity you have been waiting for!  Now you can design your own computer games without the need to study complicated programming techniques.  At last you can play games with the features that YOU want.  Amaze your friends by producing a range of professional quality software every bit as good as the games you buy in the shops. GAMES DESIGNER takes the emphasis off complex programming knowledge and places it firmly on YOUR creativity.

09-03-20 English PDF 94.88 KB 383 Download
d64 floppy45 gateWay v2.5 Users Manual (GEOS)

gateWay v2.5 Users Manual (GEOS)

26-12-16 English PDF 7.15 MB 767 Download
zip46 geoBASIC Programming Manual

You are the proud owner of a powerful version of BASIC that gives GEOS users the flexibility to develop their own programs in BASIC.  With this product (in C-64 40-column mode) you have everything you need to begin developing your own BASIC applications in GEOS, taking advantage of the features that have made GEOS so easy to useā€”pull-down menus, dialog boxes, icons and mouse pointer for easy point-and-click operations. You'll now be able to create programs that use icons, menus, sprites and dialog boxes.

09-03-20 English PDF 10.18 MB 758 Download
zip47 geoCalc 128 User's Manual

geoCalc 128 is the GEOS based (Graphic Environment Operating System) spreadsheet program with powerful calculating abilities.

09-03-20 English PDF 7.59 MB 520 Download
zip48 geoCalc User's Manual

geoCalc is the GEOS based (Graphic Environment Operating System) spreadsheet program with powerful calculating abilities.

09-03-20 English PDF 7.03 MB 528 Download
zip49 geoChart User's Manual

geoChart enables you to expand the usefulness of the geoCalc, geoWrite, geoFile, and the Note Pad desk accessory.  With geoChart, you can translate a set of values from these four sources into a chart format.

09-03-20 English PDF 9.6 MB 464 Download
pdf50 geoDex User's Manual (HQ Version)

The GEOS desk accessory, geoDex, is a small filing system suitable for keeping names, addresses and other miscellaneous information together and available for instant recall. You can also use geoDex to create merge document forms and, when used with the geoMerge application, print phone lists or address labels quickly and easily.

28-12-22 English PDF 1.95 MB 91 Download
zip51 geoFax v2.0 Manual

geoFAX is the first program of it's kind ever developed for the Commodore 64 or 128. You now have the capability to exchange a fax document over the telephone lines with a facsimile machine or even another computer running it's own version of fax software.

09-03-20 English PDF 362.94 KB 459 Download
zip52 geoFile Manual

geoFile is the GEOS (Graphic Environment Operating System) based filing and data-base program.  A data-base is a way to organize large, or small amounts of information in such a manner that retrieving and sorting the information you want is easy, efficient, fast, and reliable.

09-03-20 English PDF 11.54 MB 577 Download
zip53 geoGIF v1.1 Documentation

geoGIF v1.1 is a GIF data stream to geoPaint file converter.  It uses and advanced dithering technique to produce excellent quality monochrome results.

20-01-21 English PDF 54.38 KB 306 Download
zip54 geoMakeBoot Instructions

CMD's geoMakeboot is probably the easiest way to make a backup of your MASTER disk.

09-03-20 English PDF 139.56 KB 514 Download
zip55 geoMorph v1.0 Documentation

geoMorph v1.0 - The basic ideal behind qeoMorph is to take two different photo Sraps and combine them in a qradual transformation to arrive at various combinations of the two images.  You start with a primary image and a secondary image and 'morph' the two together one frame at a time.  Any frame can be saved as a photo scrap and along with your photo manager, you can save them into an album for later use.  Use your imagination and have fun.

20-01-21 English PDF 1.63 MB 373 Download
zip56 geoProgrammer Errata

geoProgrammer Errata

09-03-20 English PDF 339.69 KB 365 Download
zip57 geoPublish Manual

We hope that you will find geoPublish easy to learn and use, and that this manual provides you with most of the answers to the questions you may have about the operation of geoPublish.

09-03-20 English PDF 13.64 MB 538 Download
zip58 geoPublish Manual Addendum

geoPublish Manual Addendum

09-03-20 English PDF 4.19 MB 448 Download
zip59 geoPublish User's Manual Addendum

geoPublish User's Manual Addendum

09-03-20 English PDF 1.31 MB 371 Download
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