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1541 Ultimate II - Firmware 3.0b5 1541 Ultimate II - Firmware 3.0b5

A new version of the firmware for the interface 1541 Ultimate II is released. This version runs only on the 1541 Ultimate II cartridge (new fpga).

Release notes 3.0 beta 5:


  • BUGFIX: Processor’s Data Cache stored result of IO read, causing wrong values to be read from the cache


  • C64 Keyboard scan made a bit slower  (not tested)
  • Fixed configuration drop down
  • Fixed clock settings
  • Mount disk made first option in D64 file type
  • Updated Final 3 cart.

Release notes 3.0 beta 4 (first version released on Facebook):

  • The FPGA platform has gotten an upgrade. There is now a faster RISC processor on board (~10 times faster), and I have re-written the USB host controller, which has become ~50 times faster. The external memory of the FPGA also runs faster, and delivers now also approx. 7 times more bandwidth. With this faster platform, it has become possible to run a multithreaded OS.
  • There is now support for USB2LAN adapters, and 3.0beta4 runs two services: a (raw-)telnet (VT100) server that brings up the menu, and an FTP daemon for basic file transfer.
  • There is now support for reading the directories of D71 and D81 files in the browser.
  • There is a ‘CD’ command in the software IEC, and other improvements have been made to the soft IEC driver.
  • There is now a copy command in the file browser, that works with C=C/C=V (or CTRL-C / CTRL-V). It is not that fast, but for small files it works. You can also copy files from inside a D64/T64 to another location in the file system. The other way around is still under development, but will soon be possible as well.
  • UltiCopy is disabled for now, because it still needs to be ported to the multi-threaded operating system.


System Windows
Size2.28 MB