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Durex Forth v1.4.6 Durex Forth v1.4.6

  • bugfix: disabled tail call elimination for literal ['] [char] to avoid some crashes
  • bugfix: <, rshift, u. did not support negative numbers
  • forth: made word finding + numbers case insensitive
  • forth: renamed char to getc, and added a new char that works according to the Forth 2012 standard.
  • forth: added abort, abort", 2@, 2!, char+, chars, align, aligned
  • forth: key, key? now work only with keyboard
  • forth: made quit reset input and fall back to keyboard
  • forth: fill ( ch addr len ) changed to fill ( addr len ch )
  • forth: allot ( -- n ) changed to allot ( -- )
  • forth: made base a variable instead of a value
  • forth: changed variable; data field is now after code field


System Commodore 64
Size1.06 MB