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WsDos v7.1 WsDos v7.1

WsDos v7.1 by Sid Davis, released early 2018.  Although the documentation describes this as a loader for C64 software using native C128 burst mode, it does so much more!  Below is a quote of the description and features from the docs:

WsDos is a program for the Commodore 128 PC. It provides a way to load and run C64-mode software using the C128's native burst mode protocol. This is done by loading a program while in 128-mode, then switching down to 64-mode where it is started.

 Installing itself into a seperate bank of memory, the program is protected from being overwritten while in 64 mode. It is also invisible to a suprising amount of C128 software as well. It even survives a CP/M session!


  • program code overrides internal ROM routines and starts itself every reset

  • fully compatible with CMD's RAMLink (since V5)

  • supports display of petascii (and raw ascii) textfiles

  • autoexec functionality gives you the ability to do anything you want on each

  • disk you own (run C128 programs, install fastload drivers etc)

  • works with devices 8 to 30

  • copy single files to and from any drive

  • can run up to ten 64-mode programs (per disk side) automatically when you reset

  • correctly supports C128s that have been internally expanded to 256K

  • offers a way to create more commands (executables) upon demand

  • works together with RAMDOS (included on the system disk)

 I highly recommend checking this out, especially if you don't have JiffyDOS or some other form of fast loading.


System Commodore 128
Size559.59 KB