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DraCopy v1.0d DraCopy v1.0d

DraCopy is a simple copy program and DraBrowse is a simple file browser. 

Both programs use kernel routines, so they should work with most date-oriented IEC devices, such as the SD2IEC. 
On CMD-compliant devices, directories are supported. 

The programs have emerged from their own needs and therefore do not pose any special requirements to implement existing software or to implement unprecedented features.

New features with version 1.0D:

1: 1 disk copy added. 
This function is called with the key combination F8. 
It is copied from the selected drive to the other drive.

If a MMC2IEC with at least firmware sd2iec 0.8.x is connected as the source drive, then D64 images can be written to disk by switching to the image with the return key on the source drive (MMC2IEC) and then copying it to the target drive with F8.

Attention, without an accelerator, copying an entire disk or writing an image takes up to an hour. With Accelerator it is correspondingly faster, eg about 7 minutes with Jiffydos.


System Commodore 64
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