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d64 floppy.jpg CMD Hard Drive GEOS Utilities

This is the utility disk that comes with a CMD hard drive for enabling the GEOS operating system to use the device.

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d64 floppy.jpg CMD Hard Drive Utilities

These are the utilities that come with a CMD hard drive.

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d64 floppy.jpg CMD HD Zip

I found this program searching for a way to add a ZIP drive as storage to a CMD Hard Drive.  There are full docs on the disk but unfortunately I don't have any screenshots of the program in operation because I don't have a CMD HD hooked to my test rig.  Here is a blurb from the docs on the disk:

This porgram was written to use another SCSI  device  (e.g.  ZIP,
HD,  SyQuest) which is connected to a CMD-HD. There are two seve-
ral programs: One for the C128 (only 80 columns) and one for  the
C64.  The  assembly  program is used by both programs und must be
placed on the start drive.

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d64 floppy.jpg CMD Reader (05-2016)

CMD Reader (05-2106 release) by L.A. Style of the Genesis Project is a backup program for CMD Hard Drive Partitions.  With this program you can copy a backup a CMD partition on Your C64 to a UIEC/SD or other SD2IEC device as a .DNP file which is mountable if your device has a newer firmware (think 0.10.3 or newer).  A 16 meg partition takes about 5 hours with Jiffy DOS.  Although that seems like a long time, it's worth the piece of mind and ease of use.  Just start it and go to bed.

31-12-16 English Commodore 64 202.86 KB 169.00 Download
d64 floppy.jpg CMD Usage v1.2

CMD Usage by "Brush Cut" was released December 2nd, 1996.  This cool little utility will scan a CMD Hard Drive, Floppy Drive or RAMLink and report back detailed information on usage such as block count, blocks used and blocks free.  One thing to note:  When it scans your partitions, it will hang on a foreign partition or an unformatted partition.

07-04-15 English Commodore 64 6.77 KB 173.00 Download
zip.png Partition128 v3.1

Partition128 v3.1 by Jerome P. Yoner (c) 1991 is a Commodore 128 80-column utility for CMD hard drives, RAMLink and RAMDrive that lets you gather information about the partitions.  You can sort and print the information in various ways.  Full documentation is included on the disk.

14-03-18 English Commodore 128 12.55 KB 160.00 Download