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d64 floppy.jpg BasEdit.Net v1.4.5 HOT

BasEdit is a CBM BASIC Editor for Windows written by Björg Stojalowski in VB.NET 2010

For more information, see the authors homepage at http://www.stojalowski.de/BasEdit/

17-03-15 English Windows 112.58 KB 113.00 Download
d64 floppy.jpg C64List v3.03 HOT

C64List is a command-line utility to convert text-based programs written in BASIC to PRG format. You can write programs in your favorite syntax-highlighting text editor without line numbers. C64List will add the line numbers for you, convert PC-based ASCII to proper case on a C64, allow custom BASIC tokens for BASIC extensions, allow non-REM comments, and more. 

17-04-15 English Windows 573.45 KB 125.00 Download
d64 floppy.jpg UNP64 v2.31 HOT

Generic C64 prg unpacker, original idea and code from Exomizer by Magnus Lind.

The idea is simple: to simulate the C64 memory/processor, run the program until it reaches the unpack routine, usually relocated to an address lower than $0800, then to continue execution until the Program Counter returns to a normal address usually higher than $0800. At this point, save all the memory.  I normally do this process in emulators by setting breakpoints but an automatic program that does it for me is handy.  PUCrunch and Exomizer 2.0Beta7 already have their own decrunch commands.  This program should cover those 2 and almost all the remaining ones.

17-03-15 English Windows 214.01 KB 108.00 Download
d64 floppy.jpg VIC20PrgGen v1.0.0 HOT

Vic20PrgGen is a windows based tool for creating BASIC programs for the VIC-20 computer.

27-05-15 English Windows 1.52 MB 113.00 Download