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d64 floppy.jpg 1581 Copy v0.54 (DOS)

This is version 0.54 of the CBM 1581 floppy disk copy util for DOS. It should be able to im- or export a CBM 1581 disk within 39 seconds on a PC based 3.5" floppy drive and disk controller. There is also some information about Linux and Commodore disks included.

13-05-15 English DOS 98.78 KB 286.00 Download
d64 floppy.jpg 64Copy v2.03

64COPY is an all-purpose DOS and C64 emulator file manager, modelled after Norton Commander, and runs under the Windows DOS VDM (32-bit or lower), and in real DOS. The 64-bit editions of Windows have no DOS VDM, so you will need to install a DOS-like emulator like DOSBox. It specializes in converting and manipulating emulator files between various formats, as well as a very flexible 6502 disassembler. 64COPY does not do any communication to the 1541/71/81 floppy drives to read disks. If that is what you need, download Star Commander for that task.

08-06-15 English DOS 109.3 KB 261.00 Download
d64 floppy.jpg 64Copy v4.43 HOT

64COPY is an all-in-one file converter and DOS maintainance package.  Its
intended use is to convert  the  various  files  that  exist  for  the  C64
emulators. Files like D64, D71, D81, D80, D82, DNP,  D2M,  T64,  X64,  LNX,
ARK, ARC, SDA, LBR, SPY, CPK and all the  ZipCodes  (Diskpacked,  Sixpacked
and Filepacked) can be converted to  whatever  format  you  need  for  your
favorite emulator, or for use on the  real  C64.  You  still  need  to  get
whatever emulator package you want in order to use the files  you  have  as
64COPY does not provide any emulator functionality, nor does it communicate
with any Commodore disk drive.

17-03-15 English DOS 1.12 MB 676.00 Download
d64 floppy.jpg Arc64 v2.5

Arc64 is a small tool to deal with D64, T64, LNX and ZipCode archives.

It can be used to edit D64 images, run D64 images in the WinVice emulator, run
PRG files via CodeNet, convert T64, LNX, PRG, ZipCode and other formats to D64.

A key feature is the drag & drop support. If you drop a D64 image, it will be
opened instead of the currently opened D64 image. If you drop any kind of other
file, Arc64 will try to add it to the D64 image. Formats like T64, LNX and P00
will automatically extracted into the D64 image as PRGs.

17-03-15 English Windows 192.27 KB 277.00 Download
zip.png CBM Transfer v1.00

CBM Transfer v1.00 (CBMXfer) - "The 10th Anniversary Edition".  This is a great Windows GUI for OpenCBM that assists in transferring files and more from a real 1541 floppy drive to a disk image.  This archive contains both the full version setup and the upgrade version.  Visit http://www.6502.org/users/sjgray/software/cbmxfer/cbmxfer.html for details.

16-04-17 English Windows 2.21 MB 327.00 Download
d64 floppy.jpg CBMXfer v0.30

CBMXfer is a freeware file transfer program for the PC which lets you transfer files to and from a Commodore IEC or IEEE drive attached to the PC via X-Cable (OpenCBM compatible cable, including Zoom Floppy USB) or CBMLink cable. It is also a Commodore file viewer.

CBMXfer is a front-end (GUI) to several command-line utilities including:

  • OpenCBM.... Device driver and utilities to connect a Commodore IEC drive via "X-Cable" or USB (Zoom Floppy adapter)
  • CBMLink.... Talks to a Commodore computer via serial cable
  • Vice....... Emulators plus C1541 utility - Works with Commodore Disk Image files (like D64)
  • NibTools... Low-level disk "nibbler" utilities using parallel port cables

CBMXfer will not be very useful without at least one of the above utilties. Please see below for installation instructions! CBMXfer is based on GUI4CBM4WIN by Leif Bloomquist, Wolfgang Moser, and Spiro Trikaliotis. GUI4CBM4WIN Version 0.4.1 sourcecode was used as the base. CBMXfer also includes portions of CBM2BMP v1.1 by Peter Weighill.

27-04-15 English Windows 105.12 KB 283.00 Download
d64 floppy.jpg CBMXfer v0.32.2

CBMXfer is a front-end to several command-line utilities for transferring files and working with disk images. CBMXfer makes using those utilities easy by providing a familiar windows interface that removes the need to learn the commandline syntax of each program. CBMXfer also includes a multi-format file and picture viewer.

07-10-15 English Windows 129.26 KB 256.00 Download
d64 floppy.jpg CBMXfer v0.41.1

CBMXfer is a front-end to several command-line utilities for transferring files and working with disk images. CBMXfer makes using those utilities easy by providing a familiar windows interface that removes the need to learn the commandline syntax of each program. CBMXfer also includes a multi-format file and picture viewer.

This is the March 15th, 2016 release.  Added P00 support

31-12-16 English Windows 148.11 KB 215.00 Download
d64 floppy.jpg FinalTap 2.7 Beta2

FinalTAP is a free tool for examining, cleaning and restoring digitized data cassette tapes (TAP files) for the Commodore 64 computer. 

Five years in development, FinalTAP is the original "format-scanning" TAP file analysis and restoration tool.

Driven by huge demand from retro-gamers and enthusiasts from all over the world wishing to preserve their rapidly-decaying 1980's cassette based software for future generations to marvel at and enjoy, the FinalTAP project slowly became a reality.

Cassette tapes were easily the most common format for computer software in the UK in the 1980's and their slow loading times were typically made more bearable by the inclusion of "loading music" and pictures, even mini-games that could be played whilst waiting for the game to load.

Accurate preservation of this novel and historically important medium was simply essential. 

General Program Features...

- Cleans and restores TAP files to perfect "factory" condition. 
- Supports 40 tape file formats + many variations. 
- Verifies all contained data where checksums are available. 
- Export data from TAP files as regular binary. 
- Built-in 6502 Disassembler. 

12-02-16 English Windows 570.32 KB 266.00 Download
d64 floppy.jpg FinalTap Console v2.76 + Source

Final TAP is a tool for testing and remastering 'Commodore 64' software tapes once they have been successfully converted to TAP files (digital files representing the data found on casette tapes by means of pulsewidth measurements).  Source code is included in archive.

12-02-16 English Windows 332.16 KB 273.00 Download
d64 floppy.jpg GUI4CBM v0.4.1

GUI4CBM4WIN is a graphical user interface to OpenCBM running on Microsoft Windows. GUI4CBM4WIN uses the command line operations of OpenCBM and supports whatever drives that OpenCBM supports.

NOTE - You really want to use CBMXfer instead of this.  They look identical and work almost the exact same.  CBMXfer is more up to date.

31-12-16 English Windows 29.89 KB 201.00 Download
d64 floppy.jpg Make Tape

DOS program that Creates a t64 file and imports files into it

08-06-15 English DOS 8.19 KB 186.00 Download
d64 floppy.jpg NIB Tools
NIBTOOLS is a disk transfer program designed for copying original disks 
   and converting into the G64 and D64 disk image formats. These disk images
   may be used on C64 emulators like VICE or CCS64 [2,3] and can be transferred
   back to real disks.


   - Commodore Disk Drive model 1541, 1541-II or 1571, modified to support
     the parallel XP1541 or XP1571 interface [1]

   - XP1541 or XP1571 cable
	* AND *
   - XE1541, XA1541, or XM1541 cable [1]

	* OR * 
   - XEP1541, XAP1541, or XMP1541 combination cable [1]
	* OR * 
   - XUM1541 (ZoomFloppy) with OpenCBM 0.5+
   - Windows NT/2000/XP/Vista/Windows 7, x64 or x86 Editions, with OpenCBM 0.4.2 or higher
     Linux with OpenCBM 0.4.0 or higher,
     MS/DR/Caldera DOS and cwsdpmi.exe software (no longer tested but still compiles with DJGPP for old <=P3 hardware)
27-12-16 English Windows 117.98 KB 260.00 Download
d64 floppy.jpg Nibtools X64 version

This is the latest version of Nibtools that I could get to work with Windows 7 X64.

06-01-17 English Windows 134.01 KB 233.00 Download
d64 floppy.jpg OmniFlop v3.0b

OmniFlop is a utility suite for accessing non-standard floppy disk formats in a standard PC. This is useful for archiving and resurrecting ancient data formats and floppy disks.

12-10-15 English Windows 1.42 MB 308.00 Download
zip.png OpenCBM and Tools v0.03

This package is absolutely amazing.  If you have a Zoom Floppy and are running Windows 10 x64, this package makes it extremely simple to get the drivers and tools installed which is a real challenge especially on Windows 10.  I found out about this package from the Zoomfloppy-Users news feed on Google Groups.  All credit got to Carsten Jensen (Tomse) for creating this package.

26-08-17 English Windows 1.5 MB 190.00 Download
d64 floppy.jpg OpenCBM Archiver v1.2

OpenCBM Command is a M$ Windows command line utility for automating the creation of disk images for the Commodore 8-bit line of computers.

Typical usage is to automate OpenCBM’s D64Copy program, but you can also automate the nibread (or any other) utility by changing the configuration file or specifying a new program on command line.

source: opencbmarchiver.codeplex.com

14-01-16 English Windows 6.11 KB 174.00 Download
zip.png Read81s v1.2

READ81s is a small but high integrated utility for reading 1581 disks on a PCs 3.5" floppy drive.  The old 1581 drive for C64/C128 homecomputers uses a 800KB floppy format which normally is completely unreadable by a PC drive. DOS and even BIOS routines are useless to access a drive with a 1581 disk inside. So READ81s contains not only code for tracking the 1581 file format but also has every code implemented to directly access a PCs disk controller. This is the reason why you shouldn't use the program in multitasking environment - every access of the disk controller from any other task would surely crash the computer.  As a result of this direct access it is possible to read any data from original 1581 disks without additional hardware.

26-08-17 English DOS 27.1 KB 143.00 Download
zip.png SD Sorter v1.1

SD Sorter v1.1 is a utility for Windows that will let you sort the files on your SD card.  Handy for when you plop a ton of files in a directory and don't want to wade through them all to get to what you need.

11-02-19 English Windows 2.21 MB 43.00 Download
d64 floppy.jpg T64 Manipulation Tools

Some DOS tools to manipulate .t64 emulator files.  Docs are inside the archive.

08-06-15 English DOS 38.63 KB 164.00 Download
d64 floppy.jpg TapEx v0.5 Beta

TapEx V0.5 Beta (c) 2011-2016 Tom Roger Skauen (aka SLC of Nostalgia)

TapEx is a tool for analyzing, verifying and cleaning Commodore 64 tape images. Currently it loads TAP V0, TAP V1 and DC2N RAW files (16 bit, 24 bit and 32 bit), and saves TAP V1 only. TapEx is a wordplay on Tipp-Ex, an ink removal product.

20-01-16 English Windows 77.34 KB 186.00 Download