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d64 floppy.jpg 10 Second Format

What can you say about a utility when the name says it all.

19-03-15 English Commodore 64 2.63 KB 185.00 Download
zip.png 10 Seconds Format

10 Seconds Format is a 1986 vintage release by the Yugoslav Cracking Service.  It does one thing and does it pretty well.  Formats a disk in case you were wondering.

23-04-17 English Commodore 64 2.44 KB 181.00 Download
d64 floppy.jpg 9 Second Format

Not much you can say about a fast format program. Obviously this particular formatter's claim to fame is 9 second!

19-03-15 English Commodore 64 2.33 KB 181.00 Download
d64 floppy.jpg Delete Whole Disk v2

Delete Whole Disk will completely wipe a disk by using half step increments to get rid of data that might be in place from using the disk on a PC.

15-04-15 English Commodore 64 385 B 183.00 Download
d64 floppy.jpg Disk Formatter

Disk Formatter is a fast formatting program written by Jim Drew and released in 1984.

13-10-15 English Commodore 64 2.15 KB 175.00 Download
d64 floppy.jpg Diskmat

By Mark Gross - I never thought I would see the day when someone could use up 29 blocks to write a disk formatter, and this one isn't even fast. Oh well, I guess everyone fills a need in different ways.

19-03-15 English Commodore 64 6.21 KB 190.00 Download
d64 floppy.jpg Fast Format

Fast Format - a routine that formats a disk in under thirty seconds.

15-05-15 English Commodore 64 2.02 KB 166.00 Download
d64 floppy.jpg Format 9

Yet another 9 second fast formatter for the 1541 floppy drive.

02-06-15 English Commodore 64 3.92 KB 189.00 Download
zip.png Guild Format

Guild Format by Ron Potier - This is a kinda cool fast format program for tose occasions when you need to format a couple hundred floppies.  Once the program is loaded you can format floppies over and over by just hitting "y" and enter once the format is finished.

13-03-18 English Commodore 64 2.24 KB 129.00 Download
d64 floppy.jpg No Knock Format

No Knock Format - A fast (under thirty seconds) format routine that does not bump the head at the start of the format procedure.


NOTE---The last disk read will be used as the reference for the locations of the tracks on the new disk.  If the last disk was formatted off standard the new disk may be hard to read!

15-05-15 English Commodore 64 2.17 KB 171.00 Download
d64 floppy.jpg Quick Format v2.21

Quick Format v2.21 is a fast formatting program for the 1541 floppy drive.

17-10-15 English Commodore 64 2.23 KB 174.00 Download