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d64 floppy.jpg 64Dmon v0.16Beta

1995-96 by Tricky Freak / Abnormal Termination

OS: DOS (will run under OS/2 and Windows 9x as well).
The 64Dmon is a disk monitor/editor for .D64 files. As the result of a close co-operation between Therion (Nocturnal Productions) and me this program includes a highly sophisticated 65(C)02 disassembler. No need to explain what a disk monitor/editor does as it's quite obvious. So go ahead and explore with the 64Dmon.

Feature list:

    - 65(C)02 disassembler.
    - 4DOS AutoDetection and DESCRIPT.ION feature.
    - Advanced step functions during edit.
    - Automatic detection of screen length (largest will be default).
    - Automatic floppy scan (On/Off).
    - Combined hex- and character dump/editor.
    - Detailed image information during file selection and editing.
    - DOS Shell.
    - Extraction of files (to .PRG-files) for import in C64S.
    - Image selector.
    - Online help on F1.
    - And much more....


24-01-16 English DOS 56.19 KB 167.00 Download
d64 floppy.jpg C64 Archiv v3.4

The C64-Archiv is an easy to use file manager for C64-files.

C64-Archiv descriptions:

  • Scans and stores your C64 – (games) – collection with only a few clicks.
  • Easily manages your C64-programs by creating your own categories and selections.
  • Starts the C64-programs in different emulators.
  • Delivers instructions for the emulators VICE, CCS64, HOXS64 and EMU64.
  • Works with tools e.g. 64Copy, D64Lister or DirMaster.
  • Stores the C64-programs from files with the extensions: .D64, .D71, .P00, .PRG e. .T64.
  • Stores files by name with the extensions: .TAP, .VSF (VICE-snapshot-file) and .C64 (CCS64-session-file).
  • Stores text and information files with the extensions: .TXT, .NFO and .DIZ
  • Stores PDF files.
  • Searches archiv files with the extensions: .ZIP, .7Z and .CAB
  • GameBase frontend with the possibility to download games.
  • GameBase view with up to 30 columns.
  • Supports multi-language (currently: Englisch, French, Italian, Spanish and German)

Version v3.4 – What’s new?

  • NEW: Profiles for Mirco64.
  • NEW: New view “Main files”
  • NEW: Store directories into a text file.
  • NEW: MD5 hash.
  • NEW: Preview (Directory, pictures, text files)
  • NEW: Spanish translation (Thanks to Juan from Lemon64 forum)
  • NEW: Improved views “Last started” and “Top 100″
  • NEW: Number of downloads of gamebase files are no longer limited.
  • FIXED: Criteria for file endings worked incorrect.
  • FIXED: Crash during import
13-01-16 English Windows 4.07 MB 177.00 Download
zip.png C64 Archiv v4.0
  • Version 4.0 (10.06.2018):
  • The C64-Archiv was rewritten from scratch:
  • New: Modern GUI
  • New: Faster database engine (SQLite)
  • New: Functions to copy, move, rename or delete images
  • New: Dialog to select start params of emulators
  • New: Custom settings for each C64 program
  • New: Advanced options to filter views
  • New: File types: MP3,MP4 and AVI
  • Please note:
  • 1) There still isn't a gamebase view. A new gamebase engine (v.1.4) is announced. Please have a look at the gamebase forum.
  • 2) Categories and MD5 hashes are no longer supported.


26-07-18 English Windows 1.88 MB 99.00 Download
d64 floppy.jpg D64 Editor v0.035

D64editor v0.035 released on November 18,2016 by Forrest Mook.  This is a nice .d64 emulation disk file editor.  Included in the archive are fonts and VB5 runtime files needed.  Here are some words straight from the readme.txt file inside the archive:



This program is basically a utility created to edit your D64 files.  

Hopefully when it is done it will have all of the features you'd expect 

from a c64 based disk editor, as well as additional features that make it 

easier to manage your D64 files.  Check the version.txt file for a list of 

any changes between versions.  Enjoy the program.  If you use and like it 

I'd appreciate an email saying so :)



An IBM compatible PC running a 32-bit or 64-bit Windows Operating system  

(Win95/98/NT/2000/ME/XP/Vista/7/8/10 etc...).


Here is a quick rundown on some of the features:

  •  Read D64 files, display the directory, move files around the directory, rename files.
  • Export files from the D64 into PRG files
  • Import files into the D64 with autodetection for P00 files.
  • View/Edit the BAM
  • View the block chain of files on the D64
  • Create new blank D64 files, clean existing D64's
  • View and modify blocks on the disk in hex.
  • Automatic check for crosslinked files on the D64.
  • View the directory using the native c64 font
  • SEQ File Viewer using the c64 font with PETASCII->ASCII conversion option
  • Drag and Drop functionality. Drag D64's onto the main screen to load them, drag other files to import them.
  • Preliminary support for importing T64's
  • A filename builder to enable easy use of the C64 Characterset in filenames
24-11-16 English Windows 1.98 MB 222.00 Download