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IDE64 Plugins Pack 2012 IDE64 Plugins Pack 2012 HOT

This is a MUST HAVE if you own an IDE64

PLUGINS pack for IDE64 File Manager 
Completed in November 2012

This archive contains collection of plugins - external
programs that extends the IDE64 File Manager functionality.
They can be individually downloaded from warez.ide64.org

Most plugins are associated with appropriate file extension
as filetype and file name ending. e.g. picture,fli or
picture.fli,prg and are started when RETURN is pressed.
D64 (D71,D81...) files are also associated with d64l plugin
when 3 is pressed and d64 plugin is started when 4 is pressed.
Pressing 3 on any other file opens text file viewer.
Pressing 4 on a text file opens VI text editor.

To get detailed look of the file associations, look into
man_usr.txt file.

Install all the plugins and configuration file man,usr
by uncompressing the archive to the root directory of
the primary IDE64 disk device.
man,usr need to be in the root.
set of plugins in "plugins" subdirectory.

The archive content

readme.txt       - this text document
usr,man          - File Manager configuration file
/plugins/        - contain set of plugins
/plugins/docs/   - plugins documentation
/plugins/manusr/ - configuration source file (Man Usr Creator)
/plugins/utils/  - standalone utils

The collection contains following plugins:

view - 80x24 text file viewer version 0.5c

afli - displays hires FLI
ark  - arkive extractor created by starark
ami  - displays Amica paint 1.0 pictures
asm  - Loads assembler, and loads the source file into it (loads 1//utils/:tass60k*)
tsm  - Loads assembler, and loads the source file into it (loads 1//utils/:tasm *)
cpio - CPIO extractor plugin. Can extract files, directories and links
crt  - Tries to load cartridge (.CRT) images, patch and then execute them
d64l - Fast browse a directory of d64 image, load and run, extract
drl  - Drazlace 1.0 viewer, also known as interlace multi
drp  - Drazpaint 1.5/2.0 viewer, another multi editor
fcp  - Face-Painter v1.0 viewer, also known as multicolor mode
fli  - Fli designer 2.0 viewer, also known as multi FLI
fun  - Funpaint II viewer, same as Gunpaint
sid  - HVSID player version3c

Write disk image to physical disc drive
(to read from from floppy to file, use id64 reader)
d1m  - Write a D1M to FD2000/FD4000 DD disk drive
d2m  - Write a D2M to FD2000/FD4000 HD disk drive
d4m  - Write a D4M to FD4000 ED disk drive
d64  - Write a D64 to 1541 disk drive in 30 sec
d71  - Write a D71 to 1571 disk drive
d81  - Write a D81 to 1581 disk drive

ifli - Gunpaint viewer, also known as interlace multi FLI
jpg  - Displays JPEG images in grayscale with Floyd-Steinberg dithering
kla  - Displays compressed/uncompressed Koala painter pictures
lbr  - A LIBRARY extractor plugin, for files created by starlbr
unlnx - A LYNX extractor plugin (files in .lnx archive)
mpic - Art Studio v1.2b viewer, also known as multi
ppp  - This plugin shows pictures saved by Pixel perfekt
viewer - The Singular viewer 0.5c, 80x24 text file viewer
viewer vdc - text file viewer 0.5c for VDC (to use rename to viewer)
shf  - Displays compressed/uncompressed Super Hires Fli pictures
shi  - Displays compressed/uncompressed Super Hires Interlace pictures
t64  - T64 Extractor version 0.2
tar  - A TAR extractor plugin. Can extract files, directories and links

VD64 is a virtual filesystem driver for the IDE64 manager
vd64 - d64 driver v0.03 for Idedos V.90
vd71 - d71 driver v0.03 for Idedos V.90
vd81 - d81 driver v0.03 for Idedos V.90
vt64 - t64 driver v0.03 for Idedos V.90

TO USE advanced virtual filesystem on Idedos V.91, rename vd64beta to vd64...

vd64beta - d64 driver v0.11 for Idedos V.91
vd71beta - d71 driver v0.11 for Idedos V.91
vd81beta - d81 driver v0.11 for Idedos V.91
vt64beta - t64 driver v0.11 for Idedos V.91
vdfibeta - dfi driver v0.11 for Idedos V.91

vi65    - VI text editor for C64 (:q to exit)
vi65 40 - to use desired horizontal character resolution, rename to vi65
vi65 53
vi65 64
vi65 80
vi65 vdc

z64  - A ZipCode extractor plugin, associate "1!*"
zip  - ZIP plugin v3, extracts ZIP and GZip files *.zip *.gz *,zip *,gz

mp3  - plays MP3s through the MP3@64 card at clock port address $de00

Plugins pack version0
pic - Art Studio v1.1 viewer, also known as hires

ani - 4x4 fli animation 80x50 pixels player
sca - streamed char animation with the dimension of 200x160 pixels

The man,usr was generated by Man Usr Creator by DJ Gruby/Oxyron
Thanks for this nice tool.

The collection was completed by Josef Soucek in November 2012
Contact: josef@ide64.org



System Commodore 64
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