TitleCategoryUpload Date
BDoing SID FX Tool Category: Sound and Music EditorsApr-08-2018

BDoing Sound Effect Tool for C64/SID is neat program for creating something more than those blips and beeps for your games.  See the long descriptions for more detail about the program.

PETSCII Edit 4.61 Category: C G EditorsMar-27-2018

PETSCII Edit 4.61 by Fieserwolf, Released in April 2017 - This version is a minor update to 4.6 to add the ability to load screen and color RAM separately from a file.  See my description for 4.6 for more comments.  This is a PAL based program.

Platform: Commodore 64
Paint Magic Category: Hi-Res Graphics EditorsMar-27-2018

Paint Magic by Mark Riley, cracked in 2001 by Jedi (although I doubt there was much cracking involved).  This is a fairly simple and straight forward hi-res graphics editor that is pretty easy to use.

Heres a nice site with a great review of Paint Magic:


Platform: Commodore 64
Stepper Test Category: Hardware TestersMar-24-2018

Stepper Test is a program for the Commodore 64 that will exercise the stepper motor on a 1541 floppy drive and let you know if it has issues.

Platform: Commodore 64
64 Exchange BBS v2.0 Category: 64Exchange BBSMar-18-2018

64 Exchange BBS v2.0 by David Tingler - Another release of the relatively simplistic BBS program for the Commodore 64.  Many version of this program exist, but this particular archive has a bit of documentation included.

Platform: Commodore 64
64 Exchange BBS v1.5 Category: 64Exchange BBSMar-18-2018

64 Exchange BBS by David Tingler, released in 1984.  This is a relatively simple BBS that went through many version in a short time.  David Tingler was not consistent in his version names and although the intro screen says version 11/21 it was also called v1.5.


Platform: Commodore 64
Outdial Directory Utility v1.0 Category: Hack Phreak War DialMar-18-2018

Outdial Directory Utility v1.0 by Micropirates Inc. Released on 7/15/92 - Basically this is a US directory of all the SprintNET outdials from back in the day.  Obviously not useful at all these days, but sometimes it's just fun to reminisce about the days gone by.

Platform: Commodore 64
Picture Display Category: Graphic ViewersMar-18-2018

Picture Display by A. Waller (c) 1987 Datel Electronics is a graphics viewer for the following formats: Koala, Blazing Paddles, Artist 64, Advanced Art Studio & Image System.  On the disk is also Picture Convert which you can use to convert between formats.  There are instructions also included on the disk.

Platform: Commodore 64
Move 80f Category: Machine Language ToolsMar-14-2018

Move 80f by Donald E. Bradley is a cool little Commodore 128 utility that found it's way onto Qlink back in the day.  With this utility, a Commodore 64 program running on a Commodore 128 (in c64 mode) can access the 64k VDC memory to store data.  Full docs are included in the archive.

Platform: Commodore 128
Partition128 v3.1 Category: CMD Hard DriveMar-14-2018

Partition128 v3.1 by Jerome P. Yoner (c) 1991 is a Commodore 128 80-column utility for CMD hard drives, RAMLink and RAMDrive that lets you gather information about the partitions.  You can sort and print the information in various ways.  Full documentation is included on the disk.

Platform: Commodore 128
Koala to Hires Category: Graphics ConvertersMar-13-2018

Koala to Hires by Brian Conrad (c)1985 - This handy little utility is a fixed version by someone I believe went by the handle "schoolbus" but I'm only guessing based on the intro screen.  Anyway, this gem will convert a picture create with Koala Painter over to a standard C64 hires image.

Platform: Commodore 64
Guild Format Category: Fast FormattersMar-13-2018

Guild Format by Ron Potier - This is a kinda cool fast format program for tose occasions when you need to format a couple hundred floppies.  Once the program is loaded you can format floppies over and over by just hitting "y" and enter once the format is finished.

Platform: Commodore 64