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Chameleon Beta 9g Firmware Chameleon Beta 9g Firmware

New since last beta:

- Added support for "Nordic Power" mode in Retro Replay cartridge emulation

- fixed Retro Replay RAM writethrough (now passes "AR+Co Acid Test")

- SID does no more produce output for 6x and 7x waveforms when 6581 is selected (fixes certain SID type detections)

- SID: fixed readback of floating bus value (fixes busvalue.prg)

- fixed writing to RAM locations 0/1 (fixes ram0001 test)

- SID: added noise writeback (fixes the "pico" demo)

- Drive emulation now works per bit (instead of byte) on GCR data - Added "weak bit" emulation to drive emulation

- changed PAL colors to a new, more saturated, palette based on peptos new "colodore" research

- SID: much better approximation for mixed waveforms 3x and 7x


System Commodore 64
Size10.55 MB