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CartoGraph v1.0 CartoGraph v1.0

Cartograph is a native Commodore 64 application created for designing tile-based maps/levels. This versatile tool allows you to create maps and levels for your games, matrices and data for demos and tools and much more.

It works by importing a standard 2 kilobyte character set created with the user’s favorite editor (there is also one included on the Cartograph .d64), and allows the user to create a level as small as 40x25 (1x C64 screen) all the way up to 256x128. It supports both hires and multicolor 8x8 pixel tiles.

It’s got features in it to make level development fast and fun.  It handles 1x1, 1x2, 2x1 and 2x2 chars, hires/multicolour, screen fills, animation and more!


System Commodore 64
Size9.9 KB