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zip.png C*Base BBS v3.3.7

This archive contains the full release of C*Base BBS v3.3.7 - Included in the archive are three d64 floppies and  a d81 floppy along with the user's guide and programmer's reference guide in PDF format.

12-09-17 English Commodore 64 2.5 MB 192.00 Download
zip.png C*BASE v3.1 Holy Moses Mod Guid for Sysops

In 2017 Holy Moses decided to do it all again from scratch, meaning to use Cyborg modded C*BASE as Basis for his new Mod and to provide an alternative to the nowadays used TAO modded C*BASE V3.3.x. First BBS to use Holy Moses Mod again was The Hidden, being the only Major BBS and long time running System yet to use this Mod instead.

29-07-19 English PDF 4.33 MB 126.00 Download
zip.png CBase BBS v3.01 Manual NEW

Welcome to C BASE v3.01 This program is the culmination of many years of work and effort not only from the author but from all the people that have supported C BASE over the years. From modifying other BBS programs a long time ago, to 1.09 release many years ago, to 2.09 creation last year, and to 3.0's release in 1991, C BASE has always progressed at a steady and fastpace! And now this is a result of that work.

12-02-20 English PDF 3.37 MB 14.00 Download
zip.png Cyborg+19 C*Base TEXTPROMPT-EDITOR

Cyborg+19 is a text-prompt editor for C*Base BBS released by Holy Moses of ROLE on 7-19-2019,  Improvements based on CBASE3MODDER by TRON/FLT

20-07-19 English Commodore 64 87.72 KB 49.00 Download