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d64 floppy.jpg Chameleon Beta 9c Firmware

Combined core, menu and ChaCo update including manual (10 MBytes, includes automatic updater for Windows and ChaCo versions for Win32, Linux32, Linux64, Mac OS) 

10-05-15 English Windows 9.75 MB 156.00 Download
d64 floppy.jpg Chameleon Beta 9d Firmware

What's new since last beta:

FPGA Core:


 - Fixed DE00 disable bit (bit 2) for RetroReplay emulation.

- Fixed RetroReplay "REU compatibility" logic.

- Fixed PS/2 Pause key decoding. No longer triggers a ctrl key press.

- Fixed Comal-80 emulation (bits 5, 6 and 7 of banking register)

- Fixed Super-games emulation (bit 3 in DF00 to disable banking register)

- Fixed REU so it can write into color RAM correctly (REU emulation)

- Fixed REU buffer swap operation (REU emulation)

- Fixed REU register contents after failed verify operation (REU emulation)

- Added support for extra fire buttons on docking station

- Added support for disk write-protect (drive emulation)

- Improved emulation of the drive stepper motor (drive emulation)

- Various VIA emulation fixes (drive emulation)


Menu System:


 Menu System:

  - BUGFIX: the I/O reset required by various features did clear the CIAs

            serial shift registers in a way that spurious interrupts could

            be generated, which caused some programs to crash when starting

            them from the file browser.



  - BUGFIX: the sidplayer was using incorrect timer values for playing tunes

            with NTSC timing on a PAL C64, or the other way around.

  - BUGFIX: the sidplayer did not correctly mute the second SID when re-entering

            the file browser

  - NEW: short press on right (reset) button will send an IEC reset to the

         emulated drives.

  - NEW: when F7 is used to blank the screen while playing a SID tune, the

         background color will be set to black and the rasterbars removed to

         reduce noise.


  - NEW: Drives can be write protected



  - BUGFIX: the "arrow left" character could not be entered in the monitor

  - NEW: the color ram can be shown/edited using the IO command



  - BUGFIX: the CPUs of the emulated disk drives are stopped by the freezer and

            only released when actually needed by the menu system.

  - BUGFIX: also copy TOD registers of CIA2 in the right order :)


12-01-16 English Windows 9.71 MB 152.00 Download
d64 floppy.jpg Chameleon Beta 9e Firmware

What's new since last beta:

FPGA Core:


- Fixed disabling of RetroReplay cartridge emulation when set as default cart.

- Fixed supersnapshot cartridge emulation (supporting the disable bit).

- Fixed color RAM access in turbo mode.

- Fixed REU eliminating transfer errors caused by badlines (and sprite DMA).

- Added separate color palettes for PAL and NTSC modes.


Menu System:



  - NEW: added magic key '4' to start in 640x480@60Hz VGA mode

  - NEW: work around sprite-address counter initialization bug of the 6569 by

         enabling the sprites during boot


  - BUGFIX: when a disk image is changed/mounted and the drive CPU is running,

            also trigger the respective on/off transitions at the write protect

            sensor. when using the chameleon as standalone external drive this

            allows to change the disk inside the browser without having to go

            to basic.

  - BUGFIX: when using autostart send an "I" command after IEC reset, this

            improves compatibility with some loaders that rely on the drive

            being initialized.

  - BUGFIX: disable super snapshot v5 before autorun

  - BUGFIX: disable mach5 before autorun

  - BUGFIX: disable warpspeed before autorun

  - NEW: prepared d64 and g64 mounter for variable track length support


  - BUGFIX: $dd00 was not properly saved when freezing



  - the tools were moved into a public repository

  - updated windows .exe files with updated libusb


  - tick 'flash additional roms' automatically when choosing slot 0

  - added warning when slot 0 is flashed and no ROM file is used

12-01-16 English Windows 11.61 MB 155.00 Download
d64 floppy.jpg Chameleon Beta 9f Firmware
These are the changes since the last beta release. For the detailed history
please take a look at the releasenotes in the "Documentation" directory.

FPGA Core:

- Added remote reset feature
- Fixed Pagefox Cartridge mapping
- Fixed KCS Power Cartridge (BLOAD)
- Fixed drive write protection, the disk could still be written to even if the 
  sensor was 'open'
- Added variable track length support to drive emulation
- Fixed interrupt flag for VIA timer 1 in single shot mode.
- Fixed glitch when writing to colorram from REU when BA signal goes low.

Menu System:

  - BUGFIX: use $01 instead of $ff for the CRC7 field in SD commands - although
            the specs say the CRC bits are "dont care" when CRCs are disabled,
            this seems to be required for some cards.

  - BUGFIX: better RAM init pattern

  - BUGFIX: better detection and restoring of active CIA interrupts

  - BUGFIX: added handling for additional DOS errors (1581, CMD)
  - NEW: support for changing/creating/deleting directories on IEC devices,
         tested against sd2iec.


  - updated tools to the latest binaries from the public repository.
16-11-16 English Commodore 64 10.63 MB 156.00 Download
d64 floppy.jpg Chameleon Beta 9g Firmware

New since last beta:

- Added support for "Nordic Power" mode in Retro Replay cartridge emulation

- fixed Retro Replay RAM writethrough (now passes "AR+Co Acid Test")

- SID does no more produce output for 6x and 7x waveforms when 6581 is selected (fixes certain SID type detections)

- SID: fixed readback of floating bus value (fixes busvalue.prg)

- fixed writing to RAM locations 0/1 (fixes ram0001 test)

- SID: added noise writeback (fixes the "pico" demo)

- Drive emulation now works per bit (instead of byte) on GCR data - Added "weak bit" emulation to drive emulation

- changed PAL colors to a new, more saturated, palette based on peptos new "colodore" research

- SID: much better approximation for mixed waveforms 3x and 7x

31-12-16 English Commodore 64 10.55 MB 160.00 Download
zip.png Chameleon Beta 9h Firmware (Including Hotfix)

#Turbo Chameleon 64 firmware version 9h Beta (including hotfix).  See long description for details on what's new.

17-05-19 English Windows 11.93 MB 71.00 Download
zip.png Chameleon Beta 9i Firmware
These are the changes since the last beta release. For the detailed history
please take a look at the releasenotes in the "Documentation" directory.


  - renamed the binary from "update.exe" to "flasher.exe". the former would
    trigger pointless UAC warnings in win7 and up.
  - detect chameleon v2, and selects the v2 core via filename pattern
  - restart core 0 after abort

  - disable "start bootloader" button when no chameleon is connected

FPGA Core:

- Added support for the 1MB homebrew variant of the "Magic Desk" cartridge
- Added support for the optional EPROM on the COMAL80 cartridge
- Added support for the 256kB "FC3+" FC3 images
- Fixed RAM mapping in "ultimax" mode
- Fixed mapping of the Character ROM in VIC cycles
- Fixed reading of write-only cartridge registers
- Various CIA fixes, allows switching between "new" and "old" CIA now

Menu System:

  - BUGFIX: the easyflash related EAPI function to erase a sector did write to
            I/O instead of cartridge memory, which would result in broken audio
  - BUGFIX: when mounting a d64 or g64 image on the second drive, the wrong
            image would be marked active and diskchange was always triggered on
            the first emulated drive.
  - BUGFIX: set $ba (current drive id) to the device id of the d64 image when
            starting a prg file from inside a mounted d64 image.
  - BUGFIX: in the "file action" (SPACE) menu do not show the "load" option when
            the menu is invoked on .geo or .reu files, and the respective
            expansion is not enabled
  - BUGFIX: show a message when trying to load a georam or reu file and georam
            or reu is not enabled, or the file is too large for the configured

  - moved VIC and CIA settings into "Emulation settings" Menu
  - added CIA type selection
17-05-19 English Windows 11.93 MB 67.00 Download
zip.png Chameleon_Beta-6g
21-01-16 1.64 MB 154.00 Download
zip.png Chameleon_Beta-7
12-01-16 4.75 MB 157.00 Download
zip.png Chameleon_Beta-7a
12-01-16 4.93 MB 142.00 Download
zip.png Chameleon_Beta-7b
12-01-16 5.29 MB 158.00 Download
zip.png Chameleon_Beta-8
12-01-16 5.27 MB 150.00 Download
zip.png Chameleon_Beta-8a
12-01-16 5.27 MB 149.00 Download
zip.png Chameleon_Beta-8b
12-01-16 5.27 MB 148.00 Download
zip.png Chameleon_Beta-8c
12-01-16 6.07 MB 139.00 Download
zip.png Chameleon_Beta-8d
12-01-16 6.07 MB 154.00 Download
zip.png Chameleon_Beta-8e
12-01-16 6.07 MB 141.00 Download
zip.png Chameleon_Beta-8f
12-01-16 6.06 MB 145.00 Download
zip.png Chameleon_Beta-8g
12-01-16 6.13 MB 153.00 Download
zip.png Chameleon_Beta-8h
12-01-16 6.14 MB 145.00 Download
zip.png Chameleon_Beta-8i
12-01-16 6.15 MB 157.00 Download
zip.png Chameleon_Beta-9
12-01-16 6.16 MB 144.00 Download
zip.png Chameleon_Beta-9a
12-01-16 9.66 MB 143.00 Download