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d64 floppy.jpg WiFly Firmware v0.01 (Hayes)

This is the latest firmware as of Dec 19th, 2015 for the WiFly Modem by Schema.  This is the Hayes version meaning you will need to use AT commands to configure it.

Date 28-12-15 Language  English System  Windows File Size 29.72 KB Download 48.00 Download
d64 floppy.jpg WiFly Firmware v0.01 (Menu)

This I believe is the very first firmware ever publicly released for the WiFly Commodore modem.  It isn't very useful and has bugs, but sometimes it's neat to see how a hardware project started out.  This is the menu version that basically mean you can configure the device via menus instead of using Hayes AT commands.

Date 25-12-15 Language  English System  Windows File Size 25.98 KB Download 45.00 Download
d64 floppy.jpg WiFly Firmware v0.09

Firmware 0.09 releasedVersion 0.09 has been released with the following features and bug fixes:

  • Fix for issue with C64 to modem flow control
  • Improved telnet detection

Hayes only:

    • Can now escape to AT command mode after connecting to a host using +++.
    • Guard time added to +++ (must wait 1 second before issuing +++).
    • ATS2 command register for changing escape character. Default is ATS2=43 (+).
    • ATM0-3 support. Does nothing but won't cause an error for BBSs that send in init string.
    • ATX0-4 support:

X0 = 0-4 X1 = 0-5, 10+ X2 = 0-6, 10+ X3 = 0-5, 7, 10+ X4 = 0-7, 10+ 0 - OK 1 - CONNECT 2 - RING 3 - NO CARRIER 4 - ERROR 5 - CONNECT 1200 6 - NO DIALTONE (DNS failure) 7 - BUSY (Connection failure) 8 - NO ANSWER (not implemented) 10 - CONNECT 2400 11 - CONNECT 4800 . .

  • 1200 baud support for inbound connections.
  • ATH1 to take modem off-hook (WiFly goes to sleep) to prevent incoming connections.
  • Default phone book entries when clearing have been removed.
  • AT&SSID= changed to AT*S=
  • AT&PASS= changed to AT*P=
  • AT&KEY= changed to AT*K=
Note 1:  The SSID settings were saved so that they used they followed the same format as other AT commands.  They can now be included with other AT commands but must be the last command on the line.Note 2:  Default phone book entries were removed to save space.  They may be added back in a future version.Menu only:
  •  Can now abort waiting for inbound connection by pressing any key.
  •  Option to clear phone book.
  •  Improved character input routines in menus.
Date 11-01-16 Language  English System  Windows File Size 60.57 KB Download 42.00 Download
d64 floppy.jpg WiFly Firmware v0.12

WiFly Firmware v0.12 (Both Hayes & Menu Driven in archive) - Also included in archive is current User's Guide & Quick Start.


Version 0.12 - WiFiModem-Menu-012.hex / WiFiModem-Hayes-012.hex


Feb 24, 2016 Hayes:

-CommodoreServer 38,400 baud improvements.

-AT&S0/1/2 DSR fix.

-Fix for entering S2 register on command line that also includes * settings.


Date 19-05-16 Language  English System  Windows File Size 1.05 MB Download 46.00 Download
d64 floppy.jpg XLoader v1.00 HOT

XLoader is a Windows utility for uploading a .hex files to the WiFly (basically flashing the WiFly with new firmware).  It's super simple to use and works great!

Date 25-12-15 Language  English System  Windows File Size 678.31 KB Download 362.00 Download