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zip.png Advanced BASIC and Machine Code for the Commodore 64

This book aims to teach you the rudiments of machine code programming, with a couple of chapters on BASIC just to limber up. Commands are introduced slowly, with plenty of explanation and sample listings to work from. A feature used throughout the book is a small arcade game, which is gradually built up from chapter to chapter, using commands introduced in each chapter.

16-09-19 English PDF 3.55 MB 13.00
zip.png Advanced Machine Code Programming for the Commodore 64

This book is intended to complement Ian Sinclair's Introducing Commodore 64 Machine Code. The word 'Advanced' appears in the title although this should in no way deter beginners providing they possess tenacity and sufficient dedication. It is assumed, however, that readers already have a little experience with BASIC.

22-09-19 English PDF 8.24 MB 12.00
zip.png Commodore 64 Whole Memory Guide NEW
Commodore 64 Whole Memory Guide is much more than a memory map. Instead of just giving memory locations it gives you a detailed description of each location, explaining what it's for, how it is used by the computer, and, more importantly, how it can be used by the programmer.
03-02-20 English PDF 113.3 MB 7.00
zip.png Complete Commodore Machine Coding Course for the C64 & C128
This book takes a different approach. Instead of choosing between the machme code programming expert and the professional communicator, we've used both. Andrew is a professional programmer on the CBM 64, while I'm a computer journalist and consultant by profession. We believe that, by working together, we've come up with a guide which is far easier to use than any other on the same subject.
06-10-19 English Commodore 64 16.72 MB 12.00
zip.png Introducing Commodore 64 Machine Code

This book has two main aims. One is to introduce the Commodore 64 owner to some of the details of how the Commodore 64 works, allowing for more effective programming even without delving into machine code.  The second aim is to introduce the methods of machine code programming in a simple way.

22-09-19 English PDF 12.63 MB 10.00
zip.png Invaluable Utilities for the Commodore 64

Utilities to take the pain out of programming .. . Utilities to customise your 64 and explore its hidden potential .. . All Commodore 64 programmers will find this software toolkit of programming aids, BASIC enhancements and , other utilities truly invaluable.

25-09-19 English PDF 33.3 MB 6.00
zip.png Pocket Guide: Commodore 64

To understand the workings of the Commodore 64 (henceforth shortened to the C64), the user needs a solid understanding of C64BASIC. This Guide gives the essential knowledge necessary for that understanding.

25-09-19 English PDF 4.16 MB 6.00
zip.png Sprite Graphics for the Commodore 64

This book was written with the beginning or intermediate programmer in mind.  You do need a general understanding of how your computer operates, and how to write simple programs in BASIC.

18-10-19 English PDF 5.3 MB 8.00
zip.png Super C - The 4 Part C Compiler
The Super C compiler is a four-part system. An editor makes it easy to enter programs. The programs are translated into machine language by the compiler. The compiler is a complete version of the C language except for bit fields. The linker binds separately compiled programs together. The fourth component of the system is a disk manager which can be used to copy files.
05-10-19 English PDF 15.06 MB 3.00
zip.png The Visible Computer: 6502

The Visible Computer: 6502 Machine Language Teaching System combines this manual with a diskette containing a 6502 simulator program to provide a systematic way to learn machine language programming on the Commodore 64 computer.

18-09-19 English PDF 8.36 MB 11.00