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folder.png High Voltage SID Collection Files: 2
zip.png C16, C116, C+4 HOT

This is a big collection of games for the Commodore 16, 116 and Plus4 computers.  It also includes an Emulator that you can use to play the games on a PC.

Date 02-05-17 Language  English System Plus 4 File Size 75.19 MB Download 73.00 Download
zip.png C64 REU Nuvies HOT

A Nuvie is a kind of video that the C64 with the aid of a 16-MiB REU (RAM Expansion Unit) can be played. The photo sequence is in NUFLI format, which is in HiRes 320x200 pixels and all 16 colors.

This is an archive of many Nuvie movies you can watch on your C64 if you have a 16MB REU such as a RamLink.

Date 11-12-16 Language  English System  Commodore 64 File Size 847.55 MB Download 204.00 Download
d64 floppy.jpg IDE64 Games Collection HOT

Huge collection of games specifically for the IDE64 hardware storage add-on to the Commodore 64.

8 ide64apps --> not real games... (for example: aerobics, bodyinfocus or gehirnanalyse...)format: d64, zip

488 ide64games --> big games with more than one file to load. some games works with the command "change" ;-)format: d64,d81,zip (req. idedos 0.91 beta to opening d64 and d81 files and gunzip to open zip)

195 ide64crt --> cartridge filesformat: crt

4201 prg --> big collection of onefilerformat: prg

Date 23-12-16 Language  English System  Commodore 64 File Size 137.21 MB Download 60.00 Download